Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hot, hazy days call for the cool relief of the water hose.

While you'll notice the boys are wet, K is positively filthy. Our delicate flower has really never met a 'muddy puddle' she didn't like.
People say she has to be tough to keep up with her brothers, but, honestly, this was wired into her DNA regardless of those boys.

Can we pause and appreciate the irony of the hot pink nail polish against the backdrop of the brown mud?

Lest I ruin her feminine reputation, I must tell you that she disappeared around the corner for a moment while I was snapping pictures and came back with liquid soap.
Every lady must know her limits, I suppose.


HW said...

Reminds me of the time my then 7-year-old daughter came home filthy and sweaty from a softball game and within 30 minutes had been transformed into a ballerina with bright pink and yellow tutu, ballet slippers, and even makeup for her recital.
Well rounded girls, I tell you.

Amy said...

What fun pictures! I knew as soon as I saw that picture that I would comment on the pink nail polish and the mud and then laughed out loud when that was the next thing you wrote! My daughter is just the same way...

Colored With Memories said...

I love how versatile she is.

If they like sprinkler play, they'd love this one I found @ Target for $9.99...I think it is by Little Tykes and it is a huge beach ball that hooks up to your hose and has sprays water out from the sides. It's light enough though that they can roll it and chase it around the yard.

So fun!

laurie said...

Priceless pictures. . . . I love it! Hmmm.. . I think she's alot like her Mommy:-)

texasknights said...

That is too fu nny! Both of my girls are a lot like her!!! They are girly, girly but bugs and mud are so attractive to them. :)