Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kids Know Your Quirks...

...and are not afraid to talk about them!

Back when I was a career girl a co-worker once remarked that he could always hear the wheels turning in my head. I laughed like it was a cute compliment.

"No, really. You make these little sounds when you are thinking hard."

He was right. I wish I could explain them, but my lips pucker, my tongue touches the roof of my mouth and I make this rapid little sound like a baby squirrel. From then on, Dave called it my Jen-tium processing. (Get it, pentium?)

Anyway, I had completely forgotten about this until this morning when I was putting K's shoes on and my thoughts were obviously elsewhere.

"Mama! Why are you making that sound?"
"What sound, babe?"
"The one you always make when you are looking for something at Kroger."


Pam said...

Too funny! I love the "Jen-tium" nickname.

Kroger gives me reason to make noises to myself too, yet not as much as WM. I find a little more peace at Kroger.

Leave it to K to be so insightful of her mama. We girls need to stick together!

Tee said...

Truly out of the mouth of babes.

Room for Grace said...

That was funny!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh my word. I don't know what made me laugh harder -- the line about the Jen-tium processor or K's "observation."

Sincerely Anna said...

That's too funny! I enjoyed that so much because I seem do my hardest thinking at the grocery store these days.

Fran said...

That was GREAT!

Linda said...

first timer here--I'm loving your posts and am enjoying perusing around here. Great stuff; I'll be back.