Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Elfed! (and other Christmas Fun)

If you haven't already "elfed yourself." This will seriously entertain your children! The four of us giggled and belly laughed as we watched this repeatedly.

And for posterity, the children's requests of Santa. What a glimpse into their uniqueness! This is the first year where there will only be one thing they receive in triplicate--and it is a gift from Daddy & me.

1. A baby doll and stroller (She asked for and received these items last year, but broke the stroller within the first week as a result of riding in it herself.)
2. A highchair for her babies
3. An umbrella

This is a big year for babies in our family. K is now carrying 4 baby dolls in the car with us each time we leave the house, in addition to a brown bear and, of course, Joke. My Yukon is getting a little crowded.

Her newest game is to pretend she is the Mommy & I am her baby. My baby name is Sweetie, so she punctuates every statement by referring to me as Sweetie. It makes me melt every time she says it.

1. Hungwy Hungwy Hippos (I love that this is a classic I remember enjoying!)
2. Koo Koo Clown (A wooden clown balancing game)
3. Go Go Fwogs (Something he made up. After extensive questions, I have been able to gather that he has never actually seen one, but it is apparently a game involving frogs that fly. Thankfully Santa has Google to help him come up with something that will suffice.)

P is totally into games. Today he decided he also really wants a bouncy ball with Sebastian the crab inside. (He got one in his stocking last year and lost it.)

1. Cars and twucks and twucks and cars
2. A twactor you can wide on with buttons and steer-wing whe-el and diggers on da fwont and da back. (All said in one breath)
3. A hardhat and jacket "for da twactor man to wear when he is wor-king. "

Speaking of Santa, we received a very cool letter from St. Nick yesterday. It congratulated each of the children, by name, on various achievements from this year. I was as surprised to see it as they were. The return address said North Pole, of course, but the stamp on the envelope indicated the letter had passed through my hometown. That Santa Claus is one sneaky guy!


JP's MOM said...

love the elfing yourself!

My 3 year old AJ calls me sweetie. When I have a headache she always 'takes care of her sweetie'

Wait till you start hearing K using phrases you use with the children, with her babies.


Ashley Williams said...

I loved the Elfing thing! Some people from work did it and I just could not stop laughing.

Your kids are so cute!! I read your blog all the time but this is the first time to comment. I love reading stories about your cute children!

Sniz said...

Yeah, Santa knows everything. At least that's what I hear.

Grace said...

Hi J, I have just bought a game called Flippin Frogs in Northern Ireland. It is made by Mattel and can be purchased through Amazon in USA. The only thing I would point out is that it is recommended for age 5+. I so enjoy your blog!

Renee said...

Soo very precious! I have seen the elfed thing - several time - but I laugh EVERY time - b/c it is sooo very cute!

McMemorandum said...

Despite the fact you are triple teamed-- you always have great comments and fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing and thanks for caring about raising great kids!