Saturday, November 10, 2007

Three is Good

Lately it seems like I have spent more time blogging about the frustrating and difficult things about this age than the great things. The last few days have been filled with more good than bad (which is saying a lot since I spent yesterday morning dry heaving as I cleaned up the bathroom after one of my boys decided to 'take care of' his upset tummy himself.)

So, without further adieu, here is my list of the great things about 3 1/2 (in no particular order).

Imagination: Last week they informed me they were firemen on a pirate ship hurrying to escape the dog. The ideas for games and pretend play are limitless. I get so much enjoyment from watching and listening. Everyone is playing a different character most of the time...and P's imaginary friend Beba has now been joined by K's invisible friend, Joke.

Sense of humor: There is a lot of silliness as they explore humor. I love watching them study my face for a reaction. "Was dat funny, mommy?" Of course, they are most hilarious when they are not trying.
Conversation: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the conversations that we are able to have. They enjoy having things explained, asking questions, putting things together and telling me how they feel. I know it will not always be like this, so I am really enjoying it while it lasts.

Innocence: A couple of weeks ago we were playing "po-weece off-i-sir" and the boys arrested me and took me to jail for picking flowers. I am so thankful that is the worst crime they can imagine!

Expressed affection: I have blogged before about P's favorite comment, "You wuv me Mommy." He now follows that with "I wuv you. We wuv each of-ver." K has become the queen of spontaneous kisses. My favorites are the ones she plants on my forehead. This morning R asked me to do something and called me "Sweet-har-art." When I pick them up and they wrap themselves around me to hug me back...or reach up to hold my hand without me asking...there is nothing on Earth like it.

Of course, there are still the nerve-wracking, trying things...but this post is not about those. It is about concentrating on the good, not the bad. Truly, there is a whole lot of good.

All photo credits to the very talented Landria.


dawn said...

I just read your life story on your side bar. I cried all through it. Thanks for sharing such personal memories. I am new to the blog world and found yours on big Mama's.

Your faith and life are a huge testimony to your readers.


Mandy said...

Adorable.....How cute they are! I know you are proud.


Michelle said...


I am glad you love 3.5. Love the new pictures, btw. How do you ever choose which ones to buy? I am loving 2 and 3 months right now...although not at the same time. That wears me out.


keri said...

precious list....and precious photos!!

Sincerely Anna said...

Oh, those are darling pictures! I loved your list and I think you'll see that these good moments will only multiply once you get out of the 3's and onto the blissful 4's! I melt, too, when my son reaches for my hand. It's the sweetest thing!

JP's MOM said...

Three year old affection is just the sweetest!

Once again AMAZING PICTURES! Love em!

Erickson 5 said...

Great post! We have all of these similar things too! I love the pictures in this post. Your photographer did a great job!


Sniz said...

I enjoyed this sweet, upbeat post and the photos were breathtaking. Thank you so much for posting!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

I love that you were able to capture their spontanaity and joy. What a gift to treasure and always remember.

Deidre said...

You know what I love about your blog? Al though you think you've been blogging about the frustrating times you've had lately with your children, you've said many times your blog is a 'memory book' to your children. They are going to know when they get older how 'real' their Mommy was (is), and there are some LONG days, but in the end they were LOVED intensely.

I love to read your blog because you ARE real. You are a good mother who has hard days too. But, you always convey how blessed you are. Thank you!!

Courtney said...

love this post! great pics, but i just love the sweet things you capture and remember to post about once you get to the computer...i usually i snagged one though and i love it!

Adam & Andrew said...

I LOVE the photos! They look like something out of magazine. K looks like Shirley Temple! Beautiful Kids!!