Thursday, November 08, 2007

One On One

The last 2 weeks have been topsy turvy with random minor illnesses in each of the children. They have each missed a day of preschool a piece, on separate days of course, with different complaints. As a result, I have had to shift my plans in order to accommodate the company of a little buddy. Rather than resent it, I have relished it.

The result has been an invaluable lesson in the importance of one-on-one time with my children. I have always recognized it as a priority. I try to take each child out with me for a couple of hours of errands once a week while the other two stay behind with a sitter. This is special time, but we are in the car and dashing from place to place. My "dates" in the last couple of weeks have been different.

Tuesday P and I played quietly with intricate little beads, we read books and we cuddled. Thursday R loved a half hour of uninterrupted time playing in the kitchen sink, telling me big stories and helping with projects around the house. Today K and I made chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows and went shopping for gifts for our shoeboxes.

Each of them blossomed before my very eyes. We have giggled and talked. I have fallen more in love with the people they are becoming. I saw glimpses of who they are when they are purely, simply themselves rather than playing their role in our family dynamic. There are so many gifts that come from being a team, but I admit I mourn that they never got to each be the baby.

Lord, may I never forget that although they are parts of a body, a member of a set--they are also so clearly individuals who were fearfully and wonderfully made, uniquely for a purpose that only they can fulfill in this world. Give us more of these moments together. Help me emphasize to each of them how wonderfully special they are as a single, not just as a triple.


HW said...

Each of our kids is putting together a shoe box for Samaritan's Purse as well. I am toying with the idea of making MY children's Christmas all fit in a shoebox - to give them even more perspective.

I'm glad you are enjoying your one-on-one time.

Pam said...

We're shopping for our shoebox gifts tomorrow. JD Green decided he couldn't decide whether to do a box for a girl or a boy, so he's doing one for each. How could I deny such a sweet and tender heart?

I loved this post, as I have often wondered how you manage one-on-one time with three busy 3-year-olds. I can just picture you spending precious time with each sweetie by him/herself. What treasured memories!

Renee said...

We, too, are working on our shoeboxes.

I love this post! It is a precious reminder for all of us moms to cherish the individual and not the group. It is sooo true the we should never quit learning and growing - motherhood is definitely humbling in that regard!

Sweet blessings Jen!

Sun said...

This touched my heart. Sunshine

Orderly Chaos said...

This is so true, and sometimes hard for me to find time for one-on-one with my trio. But I agree, it's so important and fun to see them as individuals!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Your thoughts here mirror mine exactly today.

My six-year-old daughter stayed home from school yesterday because she wasn't feeling well. It happened to be a day when my four-year-old attends morning preschool. As we cuddled on the couch, watching TV and enjoying the closeness, I realized I never get to be alone with her anymore. This was the first time in years. I need to do it more often -- and on a day when she isn't feeling under the weather.

That one-on-one time is so important.

Renee said...

I absolutely love one on one time when I can get it. It's hard to come by which makes it more special.

And thanks for the link re: the turkey. It definitely looked easy. Here's what I've been thinking about: . Let me know how your trial one comes out. :)

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I've recently discovered the importance of one-on-one time, too. We do a "date night" with the boys, and will with the baby later too. Tuesday nights my husband and I alternate and take the boys out. This week my oldest son and I went to Barnes and Noble to look at books and then out for a milkshake. An hour and a half of fun, well invested time.

Erickson 5 said...

Well said! Thank you! What an awesome reminder to do one on one time together!