Monday, November 12, 2007

Endless chatter

All three year olds are chatty, but my R takes the cake in our house. Yesterday when I picked them up from Sunday School, one of the adults who had been volunteering told me that she did not think he stopped talking the entire hour. His verbosity is sometimes cringe-inducing, like yesterday when he shouted at lunch, "LOOK AT DAT MAN'S HUUUUGE TUMMY!"

Other times it is heartwarming, like yesterday morning on the way to church when he said, "Dose mean men told the chill-wen to go away, but Jee-sus said dey could come to him."
(We were listening to Steve Green, but not the song he was talking about.)
"That's right, honey."
"My teachers at church are like Jee-sus," he continued.
"They are."
"Yep! Dey want me to come."

Sometimes it is precious, like last night when on the heels of the shoebox preparation I decided to show the kiddos a picture of the Compassion children we sponsor. As I tried to explain why we send money for Fani, Tewodros and Ivan in three year old language, I mentioned that they lived in small house made of mud and sticks. (I know, it may not be entirely accurate, I just needed to give the kids a visual!)

I said, "We send money so they can get food and clothes and other things they need."
R replied, "Don't forget a house, Mom. Dey need a good house!"
A few minutes later as he studied their pictures he said, "I tink Tewodros is pickin' up mo-wa sticks for his house and Ivan is gonna go sleep in dat mud."
I read the biographies on the back of the pictures and R prayed for them.
"De-ya God, pweeze help Ivan, Tewodwos and Fani get some money and a wallet. In Jee-sus name we pway, A-men."

One thing is certain, the chatter is always entertaining. Last week I made a video of R telling me a particularly lively story. I cannot get it to upload, but the story was of David, Goliath and the little doggies. Apparently in R's version David had two little doggies helping him take down the mighty giant. When I reminded him that the Bible said God helped David he told me, "No, he wasn't da-ya. He was at a tea party helpin' some udder people."
(I have some work to do! :-)

Of course, his words are often sassy. A couple of weeks ago he informed K to listen to him, "cause my rules are de same as Mommy's."

At the end of the day, the chatter of these little ones is the soundtrack of this chapter of my life. Last night at Kroger as we walked down the aisles there was a lively conversation about how much we love each other.
"I love you to the moon and back."
"I love YOU to da beach and back."
"I love YOU to Maine and back."
This went on for at least three aisles of shopping with the volume increasing with each interchange. I tried to shush them a few times, them admitted defeat. At least they weren't screaming, "I WANT THAT!!!"


Christi said...

Love those stories - it always amazes me what little ones come up with!

HW said...

" rules are da same as mommy's." Sounds familiar. Around here I am often telling one of our teenagers "you are not a parent in this house; so you need to stay out of this."
Our daughter is STILL a chatty one. Thirteen-year-old girls are very giggly and FULL of interesting tidbits on life.

Pam said...

Great stories. Your R sounds much like one of mine at that age.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

My six-year-old and four-year-old chatter ALL THE TIME. So I feel your pain. And your joy. It's the background music of my life.

"And then, Mom? And then? I kept talking to him...."

Courtney said...

It excites me that my journey of chattering little ones is JUST beginning. Jackson is so funny and they are just so quirky sometimes! I love it...

joan said...

Love hearing your stories of your little ones. so great you are writing them down so they can go back and see all of this years from now.

Becky said...

Sweet stories! What a cute quiver full you have!