Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chit Chat

The evolution of conversation around here is fascinating. There are moments when the things that come out of their little mouths blow me away with how "grown up" they sound.

Yesterday, I picked up my cell phone and asked K if she wanted to call Grandmother.
"What made you think of that?" K asked.
I explained that sometimes you just think about the people you love and want to check in on them. I asked if she wanted to call Aunt Boo next.
"Sure! We haven't talked to her in a while."
How can this little person sound so much like an adult?
They listen all the time.

A few days ago, P was running through the yard with a football.
When dropped it I said, "Uh-oh, buddy! You dropped the ball."
He stopped dead in his tracks and said, "It's called a fumble, Mom."

My R seems to be following in his father's linguistic footsteps. Although my husband is very intelligent and has a wonderful vocabulary, I tease him about simple words that he often turns around. R's latest are:
"You didn't forget to..." (instead of you didn't remember)
"Mommy, may you go get my...." (instead of will you)
"I changed your mind" (rather than I changed my mind)
And his favorite, "Pwob-a-bwee I want to...." (instead of actually)

I love watching life unfold from their perspective.
Last night K said, "I sleep in a flower bed."
I was confused at first, then realized she was referring to the flowers on her quilt.
"I sleep in a twain bed," R added.
Then K scrunched up her face and looked a little sad as she said, "You jus' sleep in an old, plain bed, Mommy." (referring to my white coverlet)
We Moms are such martyrs in our old, plain beds. ;-)


Mary said...

I used to really enjoy taking my son out on a "date" when he was about five. We would go to our favorite mexican restaurant and chat over chips and salsa. Those are moments I'll never forget.

Aunt Boo said...

Thank you for my surprise call yesterday.

I really enjoyed talking with yall!

Aunt Boo