Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bugs, Bomit, Boys & the Beach

This week at preschool the children focused on the letter B. Funny how that theme has been running through our home as well!

Everyone seems to now be on the mend, from our little stomach bug but there has been much discussion of "bom-it" within these walls. K is a rock when in comes to illness. The rest of us can be miserably ill and she is still going strong. Today she went to school alone since the boys did not pass the 24 hours no fever/no vomit rule. When I picked her the teacher was giggling as she told me how K told the whole class "her boyeez were at home bomitting."

While K took on Mother's Morning Out alone, the boys and I had a grand time at home. Since they were feeling much better we played outside and enjoyed the mild temperatures. It has been a while since I have had the 2 of them without K. It was so interesting to watch them play. They each did their own thing--very seriously exploring the backyard, the sandbox, water guns, etc. with no conversation and little regard for the activity of the other. My heart practically melted when I looked over to see R pushing P on the swingset. No conversation, just pushing and swinging. I love, love, love those precious little boys!

About halfway through the morning they started asking when we could go and get K. As she got into the car she reached in her backpack and pulled out 2 sets of all of the supplies to make today's craft, binoculars. Her precious teacher did not want to boys to be left out. Reunited, we hit the backyard for a little pre-nap birdwatching--which quickly became pirate watching.

Tonight we leave for a long weekend at the beach. This will be our first ever attempt at night driving. We are going to try to get as far as we can on what would be a 7 hour trip. After our dreadful experience with stopping 9 times to potty in 2 1/2 hours Labor Day weekend, we decided to attempt this route and see if sleeping makes the trip faster. Where is the caffeine when I need it???

Be back soon!


Mindy said...

Glad to hear everyone is better. Have a great weekend at the beach!
Hope the night time travel works!
We've yet to find the perfect time for traveling with three little ones.
In HIM -

joan said...

Glad your little guys are feeling better. Have a safe trip!

Big Mama said...

If Caroline was there, she would say the "bomit" is bisgusting.

Y'all have a great trip!

A Place For Me said...

Have a great trip!

Steph said...

Have a great trip! Is this the weekend you are headed to Amelia Island?
We found, when the children were young, that night traveling did work for us! Good Luck!

julie said...

What a sweet story. Enjoy your trip!

Krista said...

I found your blog through "mayhem and Miracles". I am so Blessed to have found your site. Your stories are heartwarming and when I read them, it allows me to overcome my "impatience" and feel Blessed for my two girls. Thanks for sharing your "beautiful" three!