Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just Another Morning Here

It is 8:20am. So far, my morning with 3 year olds has involved:

Everyone climbing in P's bed for snuggles.

R crying because K wouldn't let him hug her.

Lots of celebration of and conversation about BMs among the boys.

Serious deliberations over cereal choices.

An impromptu band concert of "You Are Holy" that could only be described as joyful noise.

K opening her sparkly purse full of plastic jewelry and lip gloss to declare: "It has ev-we-thing I need!"
She then proceeded to put lip gloss on P's lips and say, "Now you are han-some!"
R refused her attempts to gloss him up, but 5 minutes later instructed me to sit down so he could apply some gloss to my lips.

K running around our kitchen island 20+ times saying nothing, just grinning while the boys giggled gleefully.
"What are you doing, K?"
"Goin' in circles."
"Because I want to."

The children are truly enjoying one another--and I am really enjoying them. No whining. No accidents. Sweet normalcy. Nothing earth-shattering, just time together. This time will pass in an instant. I am doing my best to savor it!


Aunt Boo said...

That is too funny. Kids are great aren't they?

Aunt Boo

Big Mama said...

I love that K's purse has everything she needs.

Keri Ann said...

I just love relaxed days like that! You're right, they're fleeting, and need to be enjoyed.

Funny thing, my 3-year-old daughter loves running in circles too, for no apparent reason. I wonder if that's common among 3-year-old girls or if the two of us just have looney-tune daughters! :)