Monday, July 23, 2007

My Wheels are Definitely Turning

My husband asked me last night why the blog has been so quiet for the last few days. It definitely NOT because I don't have anything to say. The problem is actually that I have so MUCH to say that I cannot get it all straightened out in my head to make a cohesive sentence.

There was lots of activity here this weekend. From birthday parties and build-a-bear, 100 miles in the car without diapers (or accidents), the kids' first experience with bubblegum, hours at the pool, an upstairs overflowing toilet that leaked through the floor and then ceiling to my dining room (nightmare!), skipped naps and my first attempt at making potato candy.

More importantly, there are deep lessons I am processing. (Pardon the bullets, but there is no other way to do this.)

* A great sermon yesterday on Esther..."For Such a Time As This" really spoke to me about what my "this" is. I don't have the answer completely.

* The arrival yesterday of our first Young Life staff person after YEARS of praying and $90k of fundraising for this ministry to start in our community. God is faithful. I cannot wait to see what fruit He brings. What is my role now?

* A Beth Moore video from our "Living Beyond Yourself" that addressed some incredible truth about why life and relationships are often hard. (Hint: Those people that it is hard to be around because they bring out the worst in us....might just be there on purpose. Those tough relationships keep us humble and help us recognize the impurity deep within us that we'd rather forget, then bring it to the surface so God can remove it.)

* My husband & I have also realized that we are overdue for a little overnight away. We want to really spend some time praying for a specific vision about what God wants for the lives of our children. So many decisions are coming at us rapid fire regarding schooling, discipline, development of the individual child (Xs 3). We both feel strongly that without a place to "fix our eyes" we can be far too easily swayed by the experiences and opinions of others.

* We also spent our car time Saturday discussing how to raise children who are self confident, but not self impressed only to decide we didn't really want them to be "self" anything. I have been processing what this really looks like (and how to instill it in wee ones) for several weeks. I am definitely still pondering that one.

* My husband...I glanced at him across the sanctuary yesterday and swooned. It was one of those moments of beautiful clarity where everything else falls away and you see with fresh eyes what you have been given. I am a blessed woman indeed. I am blown away by the incredible man he is and thrilled that he will be raising these children. Amazed that I get to spend the rest of my life as his bride.

Today I have to be in the car for a few hours again so I am hopeful God will keep working some of these thoughts out. Or maybe the list will just get longer. :-)


Perri said...

You certainly are processing a lot right not. I think it is awesome that you are going away for the express purpose of praying over your chldren and to discuss them.

You guys are awesome!

Ashley said...

You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


Carrie said...

I have been thinking the same thing about the 'self-confident' thing lately but just hadn't been about to put it in words. You said it perfectly..."I don't want them to be self anything." I'm still pondering the exact meaning as well.

KirkKrew said...

I just wanted to say that I'm so excited to hear about YL in your town. YL changed my life. My dad became a Christ-follower because of YL over 30 years ago! Because of his experience, I became a YL leader in college. It is a great ministry to be a part of!

HW said...

Your "bullets" are all beautiful thoughts and ideas.
Please take that overnight trip with your husband.
When our children were little, like yours are now, we went away every 3 months. We would pick a little spot within a few hours of our house and drop the children at Grandma's for a couple days.
I am sure it is one reason we are still best friends 20 years into our marriage. It is also good for the children to see their parents make each other a priority.

Hannah E. said...

I came across your blog from a friend's page, I've been reading it for a while now - and it never fails to really inspire and encourage me. Seriously. Sometimes God really uses your words at just the right time to work on something in my heart that needs attention. Thanks for your vulnerability! His wisdom shines through that.

Anonymous said...

send me the potato candy recipe!!

V said...

I just found your blog through 'blog hopping' from another friend's blog. I was especially intrigued by the birth story and your physical condition afterwards. I had something similiar with my youngest who is now 12. He was a preemie, and I had very similiar problems although mine started before the birth. I don't know if it was because of the hospital I was in or because medicine has changed so much in the past 12 years, but they had no explanation for my problems which didn't end for about five years after his birth. I know God touched me, in His time and in His way, but I was very interested to find someone else who had experienced what I did. One interesting fact was the statement you made, "I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest". I made the exact same statement when I was having the same problems. May God bless you as you enjoy your little ones :)
Vicki Clifton

Scratchin' the Surface said...

Loved reading this. xooxox