Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Everything Comes from Somewhere

K has been on a kick for the last couple of weeks where she NEEDS to know where everything comes from. Most of her questions can be answered fairly easily. Eggs? From chickens. Milk? From cows. Grapes? From a vine.

Every now and then I am completely stumped.
"Mommy, where do sippy cups come from?"
"But before dey get to WalMart, where dey come from?"

Or this morning when she asked me how they make Kashi cereal.

Her comment a few moments ago, however, takes the cake. As I was putting a new pair of swimtrunks on R, she said matter of factly, "Dose sho-warts came from da Innanet."


Peach said...

Love it! "The innanet" So cute!

The questions only get harder and harder. That's why those of us with older kids must be on our knees even more often than ever before ; )

Jenny said...

That's cute. I love how you write those words so that we can read how they actually said them. Your kids are darling!!

Aunt Boo said...

Some little girl knows her mommy really well!


Aunt Boo