Thursday, July 19, 2007


K's curly locks are very much a part of who she is. That wild hair and all that it implies fit her personality perfectly. I have long wondered what she would look like with straight hair. Daddy is working late tonight, so the kiddos and I played Beauty Shop. (Or "boo-bee shop" as they called it.) I hardly recognized my sweet girl after the straightening. Doesn't she look older?Of course, the boys insisted on getting in on the act, so I gelled their hair into mohawks. They had a terrific time.The boys (especially P) could not get over K's changed appearance. They kept asking where her curls went and insisted on calling her, Allison, the name of a little girl in their preschool class. I changed them into their pajamas shortly after these pictures were taken and K's hair was already curling back up again. A girl's hair has to do what it has to do!

By the way, yes, those are the same clothes they wore yesterday. I washed them last night. As I walked through the laundry room this morning I decided I'd just as soon dress them in something that had not already been put away. Less laundry to deal with later!


Aunt Boo said...

I think it is adorable. I do think that the crazy curls fit her personality better but they are great looking kids no matter what!

Aunt Boo

Melene said...

It is adorable, but I love the curls too. I can almost hear them laughing as I look at these photos.

JMom said...

Don't worry. I have no plans to start straightening her hair! I love her curls too. :-)

hi my name is mommy said...

Your kids are so cute. Those are going to be some seriously handsome boys when they grow up! And K, she is so adorable curly or straight. Being a naturally curly girl myself, I have often been tempted to straighten out Asjia's just to see how long it really is;) We always get jipped in the length.

LeslieAnn said...! I love it! The picture from the back is just precious! And the boys...well, that's just too cute!

♥ ♥ ♥

keri said...

what a doll she is! your beauty shop sounds so fun! and your boys look like true "greasers" with their "pink lady"!

Big Mama said...

I love her curls. Don't you know she'll be the envy of all the straight haired girls one of these days? And the irony will be that she'll spend hours with a straightening iron trying to straighten those gorgeous curls.

Paulette said...

I lOVE her curls but this was a cute different look. She looks way to grown up without the curls for sure. She has such beautiful hair. I think she and R look so so much alike, man what fun you have with those precious babies!!

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

How do you get SO many "frame-able" pictures of your kids!? LOL I can barely get my two to sit still in the same room for 10 seconds! *wink*

As always, precious and adorable! You are doing a great job, Mom!

Mindy said...

I agree - you get the best pictures of your kids. I have three kids too (all girls) and can NEVER seem to get them to smile at the same time -- And it seems that someone is always crying or refusing to have her picture made!
And as far as the same clothing as yesterday? I totally get that and agree! I also love it that right now, I get to choose what my girls wear. I dread the days to come when the battle of clothing begins. There are so few MODEST things made for girls these days.....I shudder to even think about it.
Anyway - totally cute pictures of your sweet kiddo's!

In Him -

Peach said...

Gorgeous shots, JMom. They truly are frame-able.

I have naturally curly hair, too, so I have done the straightening thing more times now than I can count.

K looks cute both ways. Yet, I know you'll encourage her to embrace the curlies God gave her. Maybe she can avoid the endless straightening as she grows. It took me almost two decades or more to "embrace" my curls.

Jenna said...

Those pics of the boys looking at K and laughing are priceless. Oh the memories ya'll are making!

Jennifer said...

what a fun creative way to share some playtime. You've gotta check out this contest and enter K!