Friday, September 08, 2006

What A Day (Zoo Pt 1)

The kiddos & I had an adventure filled day. I am exhausted, but had to post a couple of funny moments for posterity. We spent naptime driving 2 hours to the Atlanta Zoo. The kids have been begging to go for weeks. Now that the temps are getting milder we made the trek.

We met our friends, the Taylors (B/G twins), for a playdate..and with FIVE 2 year olds and only 2 Mommies, you can imagine the doubletakes we got. The quote of the day came from a harried father who was literally chasing his 1 two-year old to the train. He saw us, looked panicked and said, "Wow! That is A LOT of toddlers."
The highlight for P was the petting zoo. I had no idea the child had such affection for goats! He simply could not keep his hands off of them.

The poor goats that were trying to nap found themselves confronted with a pack of toddlers shouting "WAKE UP, GOAT!"

The "lowlight" of the day was when we first arrived and I HAD to go to the restroom. I am fairly bold about travelling alone with the children, but this area still proves to be quite a challenge. When we arrived, I knew I could not wait 30 more minutes for our friends. I also could not leave the children alone and we have already discussed how I feel about public bathrooms---YUCK! So, I pulled our wagon into the the ladies room, saw a large handicapped stall and pulled those kids right on in...Yes, I did. I was so proud of my accomplishment that I took a picture. It wasn't until I got home and downloaded it that I realized they were EATING pretzels in the bathroom. Consider me humbled and grossed out!!

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Belle-ah said...

Oh my goodness! Do NOT get me started on the public toilet mantra "don't touch anything" as I hose them down with anit-bacterial stuff/wipes. It has been easier with the 2 boys, as they can actually go potty without having to "touch" anything!

I need to get to the zoo, that would make a wonderful fall afternoon outing! Great idea!