Thursday, June 29, 2006

Uh-oh! No yet!

One of K's new favorite phrases when I ask/tell her to do something is "No yet, Mommy!" Well, this is exactly how I am feeling at the thought of potty training--my single greatest intimidation with having triplets.

I am disgusted by public bathrooms. One of the ways my husband displays his love for me is his patience in searching for miles for the cleanest bathroom stop on a road trip. The thought of trying to take 3 toddlers to a public restroom makes me crazy! Needless to say, I am not excited about 2 little boys learning how to aim and what that is going to do to the cleanliness of my home.

So while I am, by nature, an overachiever, I have filed potty training under the category of "Nothing to prove." I'll wait until they are REALLY ready. There have not been any signs to indicate readiness...until today.

I was making my bed when K walked in wearing different pants than I had put her in. She had pulled her pants off and on by herself. Not perfectly, but impressive. As I ran for the camera to document the moment I was greeted by R who was bare bottomed shouting "Poopy, Mommy!" He then handed me his dirty diaper (which he had removed himself.) Don't worry, I did not photograph that.

I am thinking they are displaying signs of readiness. I am terrified.

No yet!!!


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Yikes. I hated potty training. But, I have to say I love having someone who's potty trained. It is worth the work, I promise. Three in diapers? That's got to be motivation for you! Good luck:) Remember, nobody goes to college in diapers. Jr. high maybe, but definitely not college!

Patricia said...


i'm with ya on the public restrooms. they're horrible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah- good luck with that. I would be fearful, to say the least!

Darlene said...

I came through looking for the CWO blog ring code.

I was so inspired and moved in my spirit by your testimony in the sidebar.

I'll come back again looking for the code. If you need help inserting it, feel free to email me with your username and password and I'll add it for you.

miss katie said...

My advice is to go ahead and train them. It is a lot easier in the summer because of shorts and t-shirts. Fall and winter clothes make potty training a lot harder. Good luck!

Kim said...

I have potty trained 6 children, a set of boy twins included. I have to tell you -- by and far, it has been my easiest parenting job.
How? Why? I waited until the child was ready. Really ready. When they are ready, it is over and done with in a snap. Honest!
The girls were all in the 30 month range for learning and the twin boys were 3-1/2.

Still, be warned. Even if your little guy has the best of intentions in the restroom, keep a canister of Clorox Wipes under the sink.

Perri said...

The good thing (if there is one) is that one will want to do what the others do, so they will follow along.


BooMama said...

Yes, the public restroom thing - YUCK. Several people have suggested to me that I take a little potty with me in the car, and given the condition of a restroom we were in today, I don't think that's such a bad idea.

I think about training three at one time (THREE! AT ONE TIME!) - and I can see how it might be a tad intimidating. You can do it, though! You can!


Alison said...

Have the boys sit. Much less mess.....and actually when they are shorter aim is easier. Have fun with it. It will be over before you know it!

MegLogan said...

You can do it! I bet they will all help each other to be motivated to learn quickly.

I trained my son by 18 months, 15 months he was pretty much done but he had his last accident at 18 months....

anyway, boys aren't so bad, have them sit, and use a splash guard. My son learned to aim when he was 2 and a half. It isnt too hard, they can pretty much "auto aim" by standing very close to the rim and leaning a bit forward. (nasty in a public place but fine at home)

as for public restrooms, buy a folding potty seat that goes over the regular one. they make them with handles and everything now.

then teach them not to touch anything! and wash all up after, it isnt so bad!Or you could teach them to stand with their hands against the wall, then you can potty one at a time without worrying that the other two are touching nasty things. you still have to wash up after... Oh I always taught my son not to touch the flush handle either, i do it with my foot....

anyway, I am praying for some twins, so i will be back to your site to get my fill of multiples! Currently I have a 3 year old boy and a 10 week old girl.

Oh, one other thing I did, was start the potty training in the summer, go outside and toss the diapers for a few days. everytime you see them pee say "look (name) is peeing!" etc... and direct them to a pot or baby potty outside saying "pee pee goes in the potty see!" all excited and stuff, you might even be able to play off their triplet other awareness... get them to show each other how.. rewards and stuff, and in a few days you will have them mostly done! It wont be too bad.
Oh, one other thing i learned was that if you just decide that this is going to be the normal routine of things and tell them so, they fall in line better. Im sure you must have a great understanding of routine to have three all at once! Work potty trips into the routine at half hour intervals or at hour intervals... (at this age my son could hold it for 4 hours... your's will have to learn HOW to hold it, but it is possible)

GOod luck to you, Hope you dont mind all my advice... im sure you have plenty of wonderful ideas and are an awesome mommy, just look at all those smiling faces!

Take what seems useful and leave the rest!

Meg Logan