Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The First Week of MMO

I haven't posted in a few days...nor have I (GASP!) taken any pictures! Life has been full of getting back into our routine.

The kids are loving their Mothers Morning Out program...maybe a little too much. This morning as I dropped them off for Day 2, they ran to the door and K literally LEPT into the aide's arms. Even my sweet Mommy's Boy grinned, waved and said, "Bye Bye Mommy!" I am telling myself that it is because I have taught them how loved and secure they are...and NOT that they prefer school to being with me! :-)

Their lead teacher is a true gift from God. She was formerly a special needs preschool teacher, so she is very informed about P's little issues and although I have made it clear that his case is very mild & I want him to be treated just like everyone else it brings me great comfort to know she will be watching him like a hawk (with informed eyes) and make me aware of any issues we should work on in therapy. Overall, he is doing awesome.

Last year, K & R attended a different preschool. P was not allowed to go because he was on a walker. It all worked out really well, because we did his Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy during that time...and had some great one on one. This year, we are doing his Speech Therapy while K & R are in school, but he gets to join them an hour late. While last year the teachers feared he would be unable to "hold his own," this year he is an enthusiastic participant. What a blessing!

**Editted to Add:
The teacher sent home progress reports today that made me giggle. It seems they are being their true selves at school!

K: "Quite the social butterfly during snack time. I love writing and swinging 'Higher! Higher!' I don't like to pose for pictures much."

R: "I had a SUPER day! I especially wanted Ms. Julie to be proud when I followed directions. Please remind me not to throw rocks on the playground."

P: "I love every part of my day and participate fully in each activity. I named everything in the classroom incuding the hexagon! Loved the playground, but remind me not to throw rocks. Ms. Julie had to remind me twice!"


LeslieAnn said...

Go Parker! :)

We'll put Jack in a preschool program soon and I worry about it daily. He needs the socialization in a bad way. But I worry about him being treated like every other child. He is also considered 'mild' since he is Mosaic. He has speech delays and is very tiny, but is like other kids his age in most other areas.
He'll also have ST, OT and PT. He graduated from OT and PT while we were living in Florida, but will more than likely go back in once we're settled back in Arkansas.

I just want him to have a positive and enriching school experience. I know you want the same for Parker.


Wendy said...

That sounds like a great start to the year. I hope it is a good experience for everyone.

keri said...

i love their progress report! i think boys will throw anything they can get their hands on! when i got ella's first report from said she needed to work on sharing and playing nice with her new friends! aaahhhh! of course, you want your children to behave perfectly BUT we don't live in a perfect world! it did get better and she got used to the sharing thing.
i'm sure your little ones will LOVE school. but don't worry, they will love to see your face every day when you pick them up.

Life full of blessings said...

HI Jenmom,
I am glad to read that your precious little ones are adjusting and doing so well with Preschool. It is fun to see our kiddos change and interact with others.
As far as the mild case of CP, I can relate to the desire for Parker to fit in and be involved as much as possible. It sounds like he is on the right road and doing well :)
My Ezzy man has severe CP, along with several other major delays, but we PRAISE God, as you do, for what our great God has planned for our children....and as you wrote, teaches us so much about HIMSELF to us during the adjusting time of raising our sweet special needs treasures :)
a fellow mommy.....Liz

Belle-ah said...

Those annoying rocks...they get you everytime!!!

DS#2 started his preschool year on Tuesday and it has been fun watching him be so independent. This will be his last year at his preschool so I am sad but he is so "big" he didn't even want me to go in with him on the 1st morning.

Teresa said...

That is AWESOME!! You are lucky to have adaptable children. I wonder about mine sometimes. They don't take well to change. They enjoy mothers day out, but the drop off isn't pretty all the time.

I hope it continues for you! It makes it SO much easier when you seem them enjoying it.

miss katie said...

I knew school was starting soon!Thanks for letting us know how it has been going. I am glad they are having a great time. I am impressed with Parker - maybe he could come teach my kindergarteners their shapes. They don't know as many shapes as he does!

Perri said...

Sure - it's rock throwing now, but then it will be, "please remind ___ to not kiss the girls on the playground."

Glad they are enjoying themselves so much.

Barbie said...

How neat it is to see how much Parker has grown. Wow what a blessing he has you as his Mommy to help him with so much! You kids are just too cute!