Monday, May 22, 2006


P's delivery took a couple of extra minutes. It would be the first of many small medical scares P would give us. Quite healthy at birth, even as the smallest of the group at 2lbs 6 oz, P has been to the ER 5 times in his 2 short years & travelled by ambulance twice. One of these scares even involved me giving him CPR until the paramedics arrived. We tease that it is P's love of adventure that leads him to pull these medical stunts--just to see what would happen.

P's personality is really the most complex of the trio. He is quite adventurous, a free spirit that is completely capable of entertaining himself. Having toys stolen from him rarely bothers him--he simply shrugs it off and finds something else to do.

He is extremely curious and very smart. I can almost see the gears turning in his little brain as he figures out how this world works. P can often be found stooping to check something out in greater detail. He is quite the explorer. This attribute leads him to more quiet mischief than the others. He has a knack for finding and creating messes in record time.

P has an amazing memory, evidenced by the fact he could say the alphabet and identify letters by sight & sign at 22 months. He is the master at mimicking sounds, especially silly ones, then flashing his impish grin. P has a great sense of humor. He definitely knows how to make people laugh. His voice is adorable. Although generally easy going, P has quite a temper on the rare occaisions when he does get angry!

P has some slight physical and developmental delays associated with a mild CP diagnosis. Having a child with special needs was one of my greatest fears when I found that I was expecting multiples. Interestingly, as P's life has led me to confront this fear, I have found that God has used this to bless my life in an amazing way. So far, I have been on my knees in prayer over P more than the others. I have seen so many of those prayers answered. As I have fretted over his challenges and rejoiced at his accomplishments, God's sovereignty has become so apparent to me.

Happy birthday, Doodle. I cannot wait to see how you amaze us next!


terrible speller said...

OH, I have just loved reading all three of these!!!

Sarah said...
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Perri said...

Jenn, I feel like I know all the babies a bit better now. Thanks for sharing these insights with us.

Parker is yet another miracle from God. He's amazing!

Patricia said...

yet another beautiful tribute to your children.

God has used this to bless my life in an amazing way

this is so beautiful. it is something i needed a reminder in and i thank you for the nudge.