Sunday, June 04, 2006

Go, P!

Look how far he's come!

This morning, as the kids were chasing each other up and down the hall, I was reminded of a picture from several months ago...when the same game involved P using a walker to keep up. Look how far he's come! Praise be to God!

I have friends going through some very uncertain times with their small children--unsure of the future and how things will turn out. Haven't we all been there, time and time again in our life? Fearful & uncertain. Once we overcome a hurdle, life gets busy and we move on to the next thing. It is so easy to forget just how many times God has really come through for us in our lives. May we all regularly visit our memories that remind us of God's faithfulness!


terrible speller said...


Miss Katie said...

Go Parker!

JenMom said...

Welcome to the blog world, Miss Katie! :-)

elizabeth johnson said...

Found your blog through Blair Moseley's and I love it! You reall do make it look easy to have 3 two-year-olds. Your message REALLY hit home for me today. I, too, visit the memory of William's miraculous recovery when I need a boost. Bill and I were watching the CMN telethon this weekend and they showed a clip of William with his surgeon when he was 16 mos old. We didn't know it was coming and we both broke down. Not sad tears, but "Thank you Jesus!" tears. And today, I watched him jump off of the diving board all by himself and the tears came again! I'm so glad to hear how well all of your children are doing. God is SO good!! And as William's 6th birthday approaches on June 21st, the same words keep coming to mind - Thank You Jesus!! Hope to see you soon!


Patricia said...

it's wonderful to see the strength he was given and so important to remember the gratitude for all the help we receive in getting over those hurdles.

Perri said...

I love the pictures of the kids, but I really think you should write more too. It's always good stuff that we need to hear and think about.