Thursday, July 27, 2006


K's drama has been at an all time high this morning. Thinking maybe she is not feeling well, I gave her some Tylenol and put her down for her nap early.

The boys took full advantage of their 45 minutes of Guy Time. First, they discovered that I had not covered the sand table the last time we played. Since we've had rain, it was now a nice big mud puddle--a dream come true for little guys!

They had so much fun (read: they were covered in sweat, dirty water and sand) that we had to take a bath before naps. This seemed like the perfect time to taste-test the bath water. Notice R has P serve as the guinea pig.
As I put clean t-shirts and diapers on them and prepared for their naps, they decided to perform a hilarious recorder concert for me. I am still not sure what song they were playing, because each time I'd guess the name of the song P would stop playing and sing what I named.
Here's hoping naptime brings refreshment!


Angie said...

I just came across your blog and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through some of your posts. Your children are absolutely beautiful. You have ever reason to be the proud momma. I am definately going to add you to my daily reads. This visit has brightened my day! Thank you!


Renee said...

I'm sure the boys were glad to get some Guy Time. They look like they had a great time, just the 2 of them.

JenMom said...

You know it is funny because I don't get "what the big deal is" about having 3 toddlers sometimes until I have chunks of time with just 2 of them...or occasionally just 1. It is in those times that I go, "Wow! This IS really different."

Eagles Wings said...

They are so much fun at this age! Enjoy! They are beautiful children!