Saturday, May 20, 2006


Approximately 60 seconds after K came into the world, our second child, a son, was born. R was the largest baby at 3 lbs 3 oz, but seemed to be the one who was going to need the most attention. He was the only baby who had to be put on a ventilator at birth, but thankfully was off after about 4 hours. My first memory of R was how HAIRY he was. His entire forehead was covered in dark hair.

R is absolutely the most lovey-dovey of he children. He craves physical affection and will walk up and plant a spontaneous kiss on you or look at you with the sweetest little look of deep love that leaves your heart in a puddle. He loves to be held.

R is also very obedient. Disciplining him simply requires a harsh look. He is the most verbal & frequently the tattletale who runs from mischief to find me while loudly proclaiming, "Uh-Oh, Mommy, Uh-oh!" He has also mastered the art of looking innocent even when I catch him red-handed doing something off-limits.

R is all boy when it comes to rocks, sticks and things that go. His favorite expression is "big, big tractor, mommy!" anytime we see anything contruction related. He loves trains, airplanes, bulldozers, motorcycles, trucks and especially ambulances, which he calls: "Doctor daddy ambulance woo-woo"

R's emotional, verbal nature and desire for attention often leads to conflicts with his sister. He is often frustrated that K has invaded his personal space. The two of them are definitely in a constant battle for who the Alpha child is in the family.

At the end of the day, there is nothing quite like holding my sweet, dimpled cuddlebug and hearing him giggle. Here's to a lifetime of hugs and laughter, Pumpkin. I love you!


Perri said...

These are such sweet posts. You are all so blessed. It's amazing they didn't have to be on a vent. Strong babies.

Patricia said...

that smile is absolutely breathtaking. he's gonna be a heartbreaker, for sure.