Friday, March 03, 2006

Who We Are

These face shots capture the essence of each of my kiddos.

P is totally his own man--a free, independent spirit. He is quietly mischievous and can find or create a mess in 10 seconds flat. He is very analytical and FUNNY! P imitates sounds like a champ. He also loves to dance and sing like a soprano.

R is the most emotional of the three--there's never any doubt how he feels about something. This makes for great cuddles, hilarious facial expressions and great fits. He is also my rule follower & resident tattle tale...when K,P (or the dog) get into something he loudly proclaims "Mommy, UH-OH!!!" over and over until I correct the problem.

K is Little Miss Independent. She takes what she wants (literally) and doesn't give in to the boys very often. She is the most physical of my children. Her personality is quite jovial and dramatic. She loves animals, books and the letters of the alphabet.

Together they are one entertaining trio!!!


Perri said...

Those babies are always dressed so cute. It's like every day is a photo shoot! I love the many expressions they have.

Kate said...

I am loving the personality profile! They are sooooooooo cute!! ;)

Tashie said...

Okay, okay, your kids are ALMOST as cute as mine!!!!!

JenMom said...

Ya'll are too kind...Perri, haven't you noticed...everyday IS a photo shoot! :-)

Laurie (mum2triplets) said...

OK...your little ones are absolutely beautiful! I love the coordinating outfits! Just too cute!!