Monday, March 06, 2006

Dirty = Fun

Daddy was supervising K & R's outdoor play Sunday afternoon for a few minutes while I was inside with P...

Can you see the stuff in her hair? It took forever to get it all out of those curls.

They were filthy--disgustingly filthy...but I have never seen them have that much fun.


Perri said...

Gotta love grubby. Take a sec and go back and see what else your future holds... I just posted the boys' latest adventure.

Cover your pipes!

Pam said...

Very, very cute. We are SO excited for Spring and being outside more often...
I am an aunt to a Tess, but I don't think I'm the "Pammie" you're thinking of!
I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

Kate said...

Is that this GA brown grass that was in her hair? I can't wait for it to turn green soon. SO much of this brown nasty grass gets all over them from just playing outside. It's definitely a no win situation.
Have a wonderful weekend and get well soon babies. :)