Saturday, January 20, 2018

Goodbye to Haley

January 16

This morning I watched everyone in my family tell our 14 year old chocolate lab, Haley, goodbye. She completely lost use of her back legs the day before. She had to be carried for food, water and to urinate and defecate. Her tail was between her legs and her eyes begged for relief.

My husband spoiled her with delicious duck meat for breakfast. The kids hugged her and rubbed her ears. They knew I was taking her to the vet while they were at school and that the outlook was grim, but the hopefulness of youth still ruled their hearts.

I carried her to the car at 9:30 and drove with all the courage I could muster to the Vet. I called my husband (who was at work) for a last minute pep talk. As I carried her in from the car, our vet and one of his tech's was waiting to open the door and take her from me. We carried her back to an exam room and after placing her on the table, we all made the decision that it was her time.

My last mental picture of her is her sweet grey face with splotches of pink from my lipstick kisses.

The children knew I was taking her to the vet while they were at school--and that she might not come home. The reality still hit them hard.

As Parker mourned he said, "I knew her my whole life. I have known Haley as long as I have known you, Mom. She was always there for me when I was sad and now I have to go through this without her."

Lots of conversations about how there is no easy way to do a hard thing and love is worth it.

But, ugh.


Cherry said...

Thank you for sharing more about the loss of Haley. It is SO hard to lose a life-long pet, especially your children's life-long. You handled it well before her death and you will handle it well after, even though those conversations & feelings are often harder. Like you said, ugh. I am praying for you all during this time! God will give you the words & love! BE ENCOURAGED sweet mama!

Missy June said...

I'm so sorry for the passing of your pet. I know the pain and it is difficult. Love to each of the family.

Bethany said...

I am crying reading this post. Losing a pet is so hard, especially when that pet has been a part of your whole life. Sending love to all of you. <3

Denise Ross said...

My heart goes out to your whole family. I'd have to say, saying goodbye for me is always hard. To lose a pet so dearly loved, and with so many beauty's memories and hard times in between would be incredibly difficult. Much love and hugs to you all. May God give you all comfort during these hard days