Monday, September 11, 2017

Faith in Fostering

We have had the privilege of the addition of a 4 year old foster daughter to our family for the last ten days. Officially, we were 'on a break' from fostering, but she's here through very unusual circumstances and we are certain it was God's Sovereign plan.

I was talking with a friend this afternoon about how hard it is to adequately represent foster parenting through glimpses, tweets, posts and quick encounters. All the red tape and privacy shields make telling the whole story impossible--and it is the frequently the ins and outs of the whole story that make it so remarkable.

There are brutal lows, but the highs are breathtaking and faith-solidifying. The bottom line for me is this: God's faithfulness is never more evident than when we step out in faith. Like the old trust fall exercise, you have to be willing to fall in order to experience the glory of being caught.

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