Sunday, February 21, 2016

In the Middle of It

Here in Georgia, the current weather pattern reflects a sense of not-exactly-Winter but still not-quite-Spring. Usually one who prefers definition and logical categories, I am finding surprising enjoyment in the mild in-between. Perhaps it is because it is such an accurate reflection of my current season of life.

I haven’t intended to stay away from writing for three weeks, but I am simply in the middle of it--no post-worthy stories or adventures—just paddling and pushing through.

We are three months away from my trio's completion of elementary school and their 12th birthdays. My husband and I are both in our 40s and have recently celebrated 14 years of marriage. We've lived in the same home for nine years and my husband's been employed in the same place for 13. We are undoubtedly "middle" aged, in the "middle" of life and racing towards "middle" school.

Even with our foster parenting ministry, we've reached a milestone of 9 1/2 months and this family of seven feels like a new normal. No unusually high highs and no desperately low lows--just one foot in front of the other life.

For an itchy footed adventure lover like me, it is tempting to be unsettled by these calm seas. Yet, as the hormones in our offspring are beginning to make their presence known (3 different ways, of course) it is clear we still have a great deal of excitement to come in this family. But for now, we are just HERE (even if it is with an awareness that somewhere on the horizon the next doozie is brewing.)

I don't feel stuck. I feel like I've been granted a flat place on an otherwise steep and winding journey--a glorious chance to enjoy the scenery and catch my breath. Although it feels strange after so many months of deep feeling and exhausting stretching, I am quite grateful to be here in the middle, practicing faithfulness in the mundane.

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terre said...

well said. i love the flat tijes too, where things just roll along. we get enough of the ups and downs of life. glad all is well.

terre at ZoomamaSpeaks