Wednesday, February 03, 2016

He's Already There

Around 4 AM, powerful thunderstorms ripped through our community. It was the kind of house rattling thunder and lightening that rouses terrified children from their slumber and sends them scrambling to their parents' rooms. 

I woke up as the thunder crashed and waited for the sounds of worried children. All seemed quiet, but for the storms, but I decided to venture downstairs and check on our youngest two anyway. They stirred a bit, but were still asleep--unaware of the severe storms raging outside.

I decided my best course of action was to stay downstairs--nearby and in easy earshot--ready to comfort worried little girls (and frankly, to keep them from waking everyone else between their room and mine.) I took a blanket from the den and a decorative pillow from the floor, then folded my body onto the small sofa in their room. 

If the girls needed me, they wouldn't have to wander around in their fear. I was already there--waiting, ready to provide comfort and love. As I drifted off to sleep I smiled thinking....this is what God does for me. In life's storms, I am not alone. Even when I am not looking for Him, He is already there. He's watching over me before I ask. My loving Father waits for me to cry out and is ready and willing to provide comfort and peace. And unlike me, he never slumbers or sleeps.

At 5:45 I woke to find the weather had calmed and the girls had slept soundly through it all. I heard my husband getting ready to start his day and went back upstairs. It was still dark, so I didn't worry with cleaning up the blankets of pillows.

A little while later, as I got the girls up to get ready for school, Bug* looked around the room and asked why the sofa was such a mess. I told her about the storm and how I had been there 'just in case.'

"You were watching over me? But I didn't even know you were there!" she remarked.

And I could completely identify.

Thank you, Father, for being faithful to me in the storms--whether I realize it or not.


Denise Ross said...

Amen :)

Elisia said...

This is good stuff!

Kelly said...

What a precious reminder... thank you for sharing this.

Anna Krahn said...