Friday, May 30, 2014

An Arbitrary Recap of Pieces of May

Life in a family accelerates to warp speed in the month of May. As a result, all kinds of things happened that never rose to the level of having their own blog post. Since this is my children's only semblance of a scrapbook, please pardon me while I recap a few things:

1. My R, who is showing a lot of interest in music these days, performed in a cello concert earlier this month without removing his camo sunglasses. We were indoors in a gorgeous chapel. He was out of my reach and never chose to make eye I watched in wonder. Strong willed little future rock star?

2. My K is showing interest (and talent) in photography. She borrowed my camera for a bit recently and returned with several cool shots--including this one of our sweet Haley dog.

She's so comfortable in front of the camera, it is interesting to watch her transition to behind it. :-)

3. P is blossoming into a much more confident (and active) fella--and it is fun to watch. His introversion and sedentary nature is still dominant--it is the way he's wired. But I am happy to see him showing more interest in being outdoors some as well.

Dropping him off at sleepaway camp for NINE DAYS was a source of anxious anticipation for me for months but he truly seemed to show signs of readiness right before my very eyes in the 7-10 days before he left. There is SO much to be said for leaving room for our children to rise to the occasion. 

It was a true answer to prayer for this Mama (and his Daddy too.)

4.  These two really are pea and carrots. So sweet!
I can't help but think they will marry people with personalities that mirror each other. Only time will tell. 

5. Having 20 boys over for a Nerf birthday party in our backyard was epic...but at 5'2" I had ZERO control or voice. Many of these 9-10 year old boys are my height already--and they definitely are louder! Daddy took over leading the games and it was a testosterone fest to be long remembered!

6. Our 'girl party,' a photo scavenger hunt downtown, was also an active, memorable hit.

 The greatest souvenir for us, were some hilarious pictures of K's friends being their silly, sweet selves. 

7. iphones don't fare well in washing machines..especially when they go through the spin cycle.

And there you have it, a totally random wrap up of loose ends--a pretty accurate depiction of my Summer brain!

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Keri said...

I love this random walk through some highlights of your month! And it's so cool that you're seeing emerging talents/interests in K and R. Isn't exciting when you start to get glimpses of areas where their talents may lie?