Thursday, December 19, 2013

It Came to Pass

According to my calendar I am scheduled to pick my children up from school in a couple of hours to begin their Christmas Break. My agenda indicates that I am then to hand them off to my in-laws for a spend the night party in Atlanta while I host my husband's surgical partners and their wives for a nice dinner in my home.

And then there's real life.

My P has been sleeping for 13 straight hours because he is battling the flu. My K is dealing with a different diagnosis--cat scratch fever--with daily temp spikes to 102. And, apparently, just to keep things interesting, R started vomiting around 2:30 this morning.

So, the party has been moved to a local restaurant. My husband will be attending solo--because, really, what babysitter would want to walk into this petri dish of germs? Christmas break started a little early for us this year--and unfortunately it is marked by more BLAH than FALALALA.

And although it is inconvenient, things are strangely well with my soul. These are the moments when I know my faith is real. This stinks...but it is OK.

I confess there was a moment late yesterday afternoon when I had a mini breakdown. I found my lab puppy playing with what I thought was a stuffed animal--only to discover it was my traumatized kitten. The children and I rushed little Leo to the vet and after a few fearful minutes were reassured that he was going to be fine.

As I glanced around the exam room I laughed out loud like a crazy woman. R in his school uniform, K in an odd combination of sick day lounging clothes with hair that hadn't seen a brush in days--and sweet P, glassy eyed and wearing his flu mask. I was in yoga pants I'd been in for two straight days. And our dazed little kitty was purring loudly in the midst of it all. It was a picture of real life--fraught with unplanned circumstances and unexpected detours.

We can try to fight it--or we can lean in--and realize that God did not send Jesus into the picture perfect Christmas card pose. No, our little Lord came to enter our mess. The unplanned. The plans interrupted. To make the sick well and the blind see. He came to meet us where we really are, knee deep in life.

I have been (somewhat pridefully) 'finished' with my Christmas prep for a couple of weeks. I thought it was so we could enjoy all the sights and sounds of the season...turns out it was so I could be fully present with my under-the-weather people.

I certainly did not plan to deck the halls vomit, Purell and a Motrin/Tylenol schedule...but in the end it is just a season. Truly, this is small stuff. We've been forced to slow down. Together. And as I have been reminded the Christmas story itself begins with "And it came to pass..."


Kerin said...

Will miss you tonight. Hope everybody feels better soon. I have the opposite here - waited until last minute to shop. Haven't been feeling well and see oncologist tomorrow. Had to tow Kait's car this morning because it wouldn't start. Since I haven't felt well, my house is a wreck or I would have offered to host dinner here. As I complain, I'm also grateful just to be here - in all the mess! This is REAL LIFE and I'm thankful to be here participating in it!

Jennifer said...

Ugh! I am right there with you - sick kids on my only two days that were supposed to be kid free. I felt frustrated this morning but now I am just trying to be still and know this is just a season! Hope your Christmas season gets much healthier.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for quite a long time but rarely comment. I just love your honesty - it's so encouraging! Thanks for sharing your life in such a refreshing, real, and genuine way! :)

Jeannie said...

Oh how I hope this season passes quickly for you and your little people. I love the way you are able to step back from life to see it from a different perspective and find the blessings that are always there, if we only stop and look for them. You are a gifted writer and though I don't comment much, I am always blessed by your posts and long term perspectives. Merry Christmas!

JMom said...

Hope things get better for you soon Kerin!! Merry Christmas.

Ashley said...

Holy Moly, this takes the cake! I pray everyone, including you and the kitten, are stabilizing today! Bless you!

Denise Ross said...

Contentment within your circumstances seems to sum up where you're at. So lovely to read. I'm Aldo content where I'm at and find myself thankful for so much. I may not have everything I want and life laid out perfectly, but I can see Jesus in my mess of a life and He truely makes me happy, not much else matters. Thanks for being genuine, and a very marry Christmas to you and yours.

Keri said...

I read this several days ago and was very impressed with your positive attitude in the face of stressful and very unexpected circumstances! (I wish I could say I'd be the same, but I fear that wouldn't be the case.) Anyway, I was just thinking about your family this morning and hoping that everyone is back to good health by now so that you can all enjoy the "big finale" to the season!