Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas I Didn't Plan

My house is decorated.
The gifts are wrapped.
 Our table Christmas table is set.
And our lists have been personally delivered to Santa.

But somewhere along the way, my plans have been completely nixed...

R (who had a tummy bug last week) was diagnosed with the flu today.

And shortly after we returned from Immediate Care, as I was getting R settled, I found P here...
It quickly became apparent that while his flu from last week has moved along, it was replaced by the stomach virus.
And as we have laid low today, and I've considered the plans we must cancel...the Christmas Eve service we won't be able to attend as a family and the grandparents we can't risk exposing by hosting in our home... I've tried to keep a sense of humor.

So much of Christmas is centered around tradition, many of which we are missing this year, but I have inadvertently found myself with the type of celebration we long for in the madness of overbooked holiday schedules...

and low key.

I choose to accept the gift and drink it in.

(But I sure hope my babies feel better soon!)

From our Lysol, Purell and Clorox saturated home to yours...

Merry Christmas!


Jennifer said...

I am on Day 8 of the sickies too. Your post helped me feel better. I agree- so much of Christmas is the tradition but it has been nice to sit back and watch movies while cuddling babies. No last minute errands while sitting in crazy traffic. Hope everyone gets better soon! Merry Christmas!

Gail said...

Sorry to hear the flu and bugs have hit at your house. Maybe you will still be able to celebrate with the "Grands" before Christmas break is over. Merry Christmas to you all from Annapolis, MD.

Bernice said...

Praying that your three beautiful children are feeling better soon, and that you do not come down with anything.
Enjoy your quiet Lysol,Purell Clorox Christmas and have a Happy Healthy New Year:)

Denise Ross said...

Hoping your children feel better very soon. My mum in law and I Also have had tummy issues this Christmas and we are getting over it now. The sickies are all around since my sister in law has had the tummy bug through her home in recent weeks too. Since I'm across the other side of the world it seems germs know no bounds. Hope you enjoyed your relaxed and simplified Christmas, a true gift as you say xx