Sunday, September 08, 2013

A Lesson from the Lunchroom

A couple of days ago I had some time alone with my girl in the car. I learned a long time ago to turn off the radio, stay off the phone and maximize this time for conversation. Most of my favorite exchanges with my children have happened while we were on our way to or from some mundane errand. It turns out it really is often more about the journey than the destination.

On this particular afternoon I was inquiring about some of the social aspects of the third grade. This is tricky territory, but I like to have a little insight into the non-academic aspects of my children's school life. As I was inquiring about how a couple of new kids were faring, K excitedly relayed the following story.

Apparently on Fridays, after a week of assigned seating, students get the privilege of choosing where they want to sit in the lunchroom. K explained that as she and another girl were leaving the line and discussing where to put their trays down the other child made a suggestion.
"Let's go sit over there," she motioned in the direction of a boy sitting all alone. As she & K moved towards the boy's table, her friend continued, "I've been watching how you are kind to all different kinds of people and decided to try it out. It is actually pretty cool."

As K shared this story I thought my heart might burst at the gift of seeing the Lord active in such a sweet way in her life. I told her that being a consistent example of kindness and love to all types of people made me feel more proud of her than any race she could ever win.

I share this not for our glory, but because it really is fruit of the Spirit in a 9 year old's life. It was convicting, frankly, as I spend more time wringing my hands at all the work that remains to be done in my children's lives than I do looking for and celebrating where He is working. It seems this is especially true during the busy school year when my time with them seems to be limited, rushed and scheduled.

This realization/confession is cringe-inducing. I hate it. I wish it were not true...but honestly, some days it just is. The Lord is working on me too.

K's precious story was a stark reminder that He is active even in little lives...and that a humble example of faithfulness and kindness is often the most powerful sermon.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. I Timothy 4:12 NIV

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me through these little people.


Susan said...


cat said...

Oh I totally love this! What an example she sets

Perri said...

All of us could learn from K.

Linda said...

This reminded me of my school days when I often felt like an outsider in highschool and ate lunch alone sometimes..or skipped it all together and sat somewhere and read a book. I wish there had been someone like your precious daughter who had reached out to me in kindness.

You are raising her right! Good job momma!

Ashley said...

Such encouragement for you! Nothing would make me prouder, and we pray about showing love to others who need it everyday.
(Happy to "see" you again, JYS!
Ashley Akopov