Saturday, August 03, 2013


It is Saturday morning around 10 am. My husband is on call, so he's already been at work for hours. The kiddos and I are still in our pajamas.

The washing machine and dryer are going. Dogs are napping on the floor. A half eaten pan of canned cinnamon rolls are still on the kitchen counter. K & P are reading in their favorite chairs and R is playing the keyboard in his skivvies. (Therefore, I am forced to use descriptive words rather than attach a photo :-)

I have a list of things I'd like for us to tackle, but I can't bring myself to rush this moment. As much as I am a fan of adventure and making every day count, the peacefulness of this morning has been a poignant reminder of the beauty of rest.

There are no headlines being made, no great stories to tell of August 3rd. As I mentioned above there aren't even any photos. Yet as I look up from my keyboard I see morning light cascading into a home that is happy. And I rejoice as I can honestly say it is enough.

This morning is such a depiction of where I am in my heart and soul at the moment. Finding peace in the mundane. Coming to grips with all the 'imperfection' of life with spunky 9 year olds and a busy spouse in 2013.

My days and nights are increasingly marked by low key living and it is good. By the grace of God I am learning that laughter, love and peace are the only scorecards I really care about. The escape from the rat race that Summer provides has been incredibly healthy for all of us.

I am mindful that as The First Day of School approaches this season will come to a close. Souls replenished, it is almost time to hop back in the ring... but I pray the lessons learned in Summer obscurity will remain.


LeighAnn said...

Beautiful. As always.

Sunni said...

I love this because it is so far from the season that I am in.... But I will get there one day. Right now I barely get to sit down as I have a 6 year old, a two year old and a baby. The thought of my children entertaining and taking care of themselves almost makes me giddy. :)