Monday, June 10, 2013

From the Mouths of Babes (Summer Camp Edition)

We dropped our curly girl off at camp Sunday morning.

It's only been 36 hours, but some sweet memorable comments have been made. The night before she left, K said to me, "The first thing I need to do when I get to camp is find a funny friend who can make me laugh the way P does."
And it melted my heart.

While the only thing R has said about her is that he misses having "a real competitor in MarioKart" this hastily written letter reveals a little more sweetness underneath.
"Violets are red,
roses are blue,
grass is green
so we miss you
because you are the sunshine of our family."

Absence seems to indeed make the heart grow fonder. I hope all this love continues when she gets home. :-)

And while this has absolutely nothing to do with camp, it's too amusing not to share. Over lunch Sunday P made this face.

As my husband & I giggled we asked how he learned to do that. He replied (completely seriously), "It's my gift. God gave Tommy the gift of being able to play the piano by ear and He gave me the gift of being able to do THIS."

Glory to God indeed. :)

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