Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Little Salty...

A few weeks ago Sophie AKA BooMama was kind enough to send me a copy of her new book A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet. I have long appreciated the sweet spirit, humility and laughter Sophie brings to the blogging world. I rejoiced with the knowledge that her book would bring more of that to a broader audience. I was thrilled to dig in.

Trouble is, it was the last few weeks of school and my life got crazy!! Many days I didn't stop to read my calendar or email, much less a pleasure book. So, my Mama borrowed--devoured it in a day and then passed it to my Grandmama, who also read it in a day. And now I am more than a little behind!But in honor of the official book release today, I thought the least my female lineage could do is pass along their reviews. :-) Here's what a couple of generations of Alabama ladies had to say.

First from my Mom:
I totally related to the salty to cut the sweet.  My daddy always ate his desert mid meal because he would have to have a little something after the desert to get the "sweet taste out of his mouth." 

The part about the grandmother always having a box of light bulbs on tap is Momma all over.  She always has a burnt bulb that needs replacing and just hates to ask you to replace it (or not mentioned specifically in the book- TV that remote doesn't work, closed caption has gone out, etc.), but always "preparing" for the biggest spreads and heaven help if you say "don't go to that trouble." It makes her happy. 

It thrills me to no end that Mom then passed the book to her "Momma," my Grandmama, who wrote her remarks on the front page of the book. :-)

 Here's the translation:
Before I read the first page, I was hearing my Mama say "I need something salty after the sweet."  Nostalgia in plenty for an 88 year old.  Unbelievable that this came to me the very week that my grandson (from New Mexico) brought his 8 year old daughter because he wanted to give her some "southern exposure."  I loved each chapter.  Thanks for the opportunity to "get in on the ground floor" of this fascinating, Christian-inspired book of memories.
-Betty Dobbs

Now I need to catch up...but I already appreciate the sweet nostalgia and storytelling this book has sparked within my own family.

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Jennifer said...

That's sweet Jennifer! I need to read it myself.