Thursday, May 23, 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

Somewhere along the way, I mentally assigned roles to each social media site I use: this blog became a place for journaling/thinking/praying, twitter for quotes I like, Instagram for random daily life shots and Facebook for the funny things my kiddos say. (I am a compartmental thinker that way.)

Last month I caught up on turning all of my blog posts (almost 8 years worth!) into books and realized that much of what I was putting on Facebook (the silly, funny, real life stuff) was getting unintentionally lost. I really want to preserve some of that for posterity too! So, consider this a catch up post with no other point but to document some Scott-isms. :)

As I scooped a pile of dirty clothes off the floor of R's room he said, "You know, Mom, when boys start getting older like me they stop cleaning up their room as much."

Opening Day at the pool: "Mom, you know what I noticed? When girls walk you can see their rears move more than boys." -unnamed son

I woke up to my curly girl's face in my face at 6:30 in the morning. She had a serious expression as she greeted me with these matter-of-fact words: "I just decided I don't want to be the President. You have to wake up at 5AM and you have a very hectic schedule every day. But I was thinking R might really love to do it."

P, opening his valentine card from my 87 yr old grandmother. "Uh oh. She always sends money. I hope it's not too much because I am just a kid. I don't need to be rich." (finds a $5 bill) "Whee, this is the perfect amount."

Favorite part of spending the afternoon with my kiddos at Cirque du Soleil: Hearing my "gamer" say "Wow! Now I see why you say there are more interesting things than video games!"

Just told P I couldn't remember where I had put something and he replied, "It's ok, Mom. I read that after you turn 30 you lose brain cells every year." Thanks, son.

Over coffee with a friend I remarked "It is expensive to live." P looked up from what he was doing in the next room and said matter-of-factly, "Not for me! I've only got 27 cents and I am just fine."

And last night as K & R were riding bikes in circles in the driveway with our little lab following them with her tongue hanging out of her mouth I heard K say: "THIS is what it means to be loyal."

I love the sweet (and entertaining) perspective these people bring into my life!


Love Being A Nonny said...

Love these! You are going to be SOOO glad you wrote them down!

Melissa C. said...

Facebook has kept me from blogging as well. I should really do something about that...

Lindsay said...

I LOVE this! My little boy, David, is starting to say some funny things and I find that if I don't write them down as soon as possible I will forget them. Thanks for the reminder to both enjoy and document the fantastic quotes from our little ones. Hope you are well!

Keri said...

Oh my! I thought that I was too tired to laugh at the end of this very long day, but your kiddos proved me wrong! Thank you for these chuckles! (For the record, I think my favorite was P's "27 cents" comment. That's one that I'll think about with a smile over the next few days.)

jmcr foundation said...

So cute.Loved it.

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Ashley Gray said...

I love this! I've been reading your blog for a while and I think my favorite quote ( not sure if it was P or R) was during the presidential election and he said "I don't like Obama, sounds like vomit."

Lynford Rozario said...

I loved this.Very appreciative.

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