Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Plans Interrupted

If this feels like deja vu, it is because I wrote & published this post last night and inadvertently deleted it... This is my best shot at a re-write.
I have a lush patch of clover growing in my backyard this year. Saturday, the artsy portion of my brain got stuck on the idea of a photo of my trio's heads against that gorgeous green. So, after a long day of play I asked them to plop down for a shot.
The sun was too bright, so this is what I got...
Not quite my plan, but honestly a precious representation of prevalent parts of their personalities.
I was a bit disappointed, but such is life.
A few minutes later, as the sun started to set, 2/3 of my crew offered to try again. Only this time, our dogs had sniffed us out.
And apparently they were feeling quite amorous...
Or maybe R really needed to go wash his face.
And while my first reaction was to be annoyed , I kept snapping away
 and the result was the gift of these precious shots.
Not my plan. Certainly not artsy or 'pinterest-worthy,' but real and far more joyful than my posed shots could have ever been.

I have no doubt that when I look back years from now these snapshots will make me grin. Yes, because of the snaggle teeth, the giggles and the slobbery dogs--but also because they represent a lesson it has taken me almost 9 years to begin to grasp--letting go of my 'expectations' of what life should look like and embracing the messy reality instead.

Lord, help me remember: THIS is the beginning of contentment and true joy!

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