Monday, February 04, 2013

No Other Name

As a young woman growing up the Baptist church, I remember the first time I heard a story about someone successfully using the name of Jesus as her defense to an attacker. At the time, I recall it seemed radical (and perhaps even a bit voodoo-ish). So, a few weeks ago when a friend of mine posted this link it made me giggle. Can you imagine the look on this criminal's face when a bunch of Southern, jewelry clad women started shouting the name of the Lord at him?

Yet, perhaps as a sign of my age, I find that when I am in frightening situations it has become my 'go to' response. When a phone call comes with terrible news, on the terrifying windy roads of Honduras, in difficult conversations...all my mind and heart seem to be able to muster is His name.

When the words just won't come, I find my prayers simply being a cry for help that seems to not extend far beyond simply calling out. It is as if at the utterance of His name I remember who HE is--and who I am in Him. Perspective. Strength. Comfort. Peace.

Yesterday in church we sang familiar words:
"My heart will sing no other name,
Jesus. Jesus."

And even as the song played on, I was convicted. My heart does sing other names...even in challenging circumstances. And the one that gets me in the most trouble is my own.
My heart, in its natural stare, is looking out for number one. When unexpected news comes, when plans must change, when a child's behavior is unacceptable, when I don't get what I'd hoped, my heart tends to sing:
"Me, Me, Me. What about me? How will this effect poor, pitiful me..."

I was challenged to consider what it would look like if my heart song was less of Me and more of Him.

When no one notices the way I served my family.
When I feel unappreciated, overlooked or forgotten.
When other people's needs come before my own.
When a chapter of life doesn't develop according to my plan.

When my heart wants to sing a blues song that starts with the word Me, what would happen if it was surrendered to the Spirit and became a praise song with the word He?

I have a feeling my life would be more joyful, my responses more graceful and my soul would have much more peace.

He not Me.


Christy said...

"He not Me". Love this post. :)

The McBrayer family said...

love this. I really needed this.

Leslie Maddox said...

I needed to read this. I've been singing a lot about Me lately and I'm so tired of it. Sometimes you just need to let go of expectations and accept what you get.

Peter and Nancy said...

I love that song. I was once told that a good love letter contains mostly the word "you," and maybe no "I" at all . . . I've thought of that so often about prayers.