Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am not opposed to Halloween, but it is not my favorite holiday.
It all just seems so contrived and commercial. I prefer things that have a point.

But I do like laughter, imagination, memory making and fun with friends.
My children had a really great day...just being happy eight year olds.
Tonight, that seems like reason enough to celebrate.
(And the chocolate certainly helps.)
Happy Halloween.


The Niemeyer Nest said...


odomfamilyfun said...

So, so cute! Great costumes. We play 'dress-up' at our house all year long, so we love a night where all of our friends join in on the fun :) Such a relaxing night with our sweet neighbors. Food, fun and fellowship-with cute kids in costumes. Really is such a sweet night full of laughter and innocent joy! Who would have thought? ;)

Jani said...

Your kiddos are adorable! I love Halloween! I think it does have a point. It is a night of community, laughter, and spending time with friends. It's creativity, and spontaneity (what kind of costume can you come up with on the fly?) and tradition. It is an opportunity to meet the neighbors who moved in a block or two away that you haven't had a chance to meet yet, see the new baby that is now 6 months old dressed as a bumblebee, and see how much all the kids have grown since last year. Carmel apples, bonfires, trick or treating in the rain!!

The candy is good too. :-)

JMom said...

I love your points about considering it about community and fun. Perspective is always a good thing right? :-)

Mindy said...

Great costumes!! Love the doughboy!!