Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Prayer of Adoration & Confession

We bring our busy minds before you in humble worship, even as we struggle to grasp the enormity of WHO You are:
The Great I AM.
The Alpha & Omega.
You have always been and will always be.
On this gorgeous September morning, we are reminded that you are our all powerful, Creator.
You are our Sustainer, our Redeemer, our Pursuer, truly, the Lover of our Souls.
You are Truth, in a world wracked by Lies.
You are Light in darkness.
You are Hope for the hopeless.
You are Grace for the undeserving.
You offer Wisdom to the foolish,
Comfort to the broken,
And Healing for all our afflictions.
You are extravagant & overwhelming Love.
You are Life.
And although we come together this morning to proclaim our worship for You, the truth is that most of our daily lives are battles to live like we really follow You.
We allow ourselves to be pulled in so many directions. We fail to pause and remember the anchoring truth of who you are.
We are distracted by our temporary circumstances and forget that You are eternal.
Because of our pride, our self-centeredness, our sin nature,
We confess that we do what we should not and
We don’t do the things we know your love should compel us to do.
We treat You like an accessory in our lives, a secret weapon for times when we ‘really’ need you. God, why is it so hard for us to admit that we really need You all the time.
Even as we quiet ourselves this morning, areas of our life come to mind that we know You would have us deal with so we can live the abundant life You have promised.
Lord, the truth is that we don’t like dealing with things that are too wonderful for us to understand…It makes us feel small, so we relegate You to only certain areas of our life and leave You on the backburner at other times.
And yet, in spite of our unfaithfulness, You love us anyway.
You love us with a love so big it compelled You to send Your one and only son to die. Your actions proved forevermore your character of mercy and grace.
Overwhelmed by the truth of the Gospel, we approach your throne with humility.
You look upon us with forgiveness and love.
We can’t comprehend it, but we adore you for it.
Thank you, Lord.


Lisa-Claire Garden said...

Thank you for this prayer - I love how you have written it so naturally and freely. May I use some of the prayer for one of my services?
Lisa-Claire, Pietermaritzburg
South Africa

박웅걸 said...

I could feel the heart of your prayer and your story re. giving birth to your 3 beautiful Scotts. Your story helped me to see what is more significant and important in this busy world. Thanks again and God bless you and your whole family.
Hugh Park
Sydney, Australia