Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On Paying Attention

Blogging is a discipline God has used to teach me to keep my eyes and ears open for the deep lessons of life amidst seemingly insignificant daily affairs. I am not a philosopher. I don't have many fresh insights into the world. I am just a Mama on a journey, trying to live intentionally as a seeker. To that end, I loved this quote I ran across today:
Extraordinary moments can happen in the middle of ordinary days.  I was on  a mother-daughter dinner date with Calli, who was nine at the time.  Through a mouthful of macaroni and cheese, Calli giggled as she recounted a game of freeze tag she played during recess that day.  Then it hit me…  I will spend eternity knowing Calli as an adult.  But tonight, right here, right now, and for the next few precious years, I have the rare privilege of knowing her as a child. What a gift to experience the children in our lives as children!  For a brief moment during the journey of mortality, we get to watch them laugh, learn, experience, grow.  Yes, in the middle of an ordinary day, it was an extraordinary moment.”   ~Hilary Weeks  
The adjustment to Summer schedules (or non-schedules) is taxing. There are mornings when my trio's enthusiastic 6am wake ups make me groan and wish they had a bit less of a thirst for taking the day on with such fervor. I am trying to live in the knowledge that this is just a season.    
For all of its challenges, Summer gives us many opportunities to just enjoy knowing our children as they are right now. K and her gleeful recent captures of a salamander, a huge beetle and a tree frog. R's serious commitment to Lego projects and his recent fascination with camouflage attire. P and his suddenly blossoming confidence and comraderie.  All three snaggle-toothed, avid readers who still sleep with lovies.
I can get so caught up in the 'end product,' what type of adult God desires for them to be, that I miss the gift they are in their current state--wild, carefree, curious, enthusiastic, boisterous, imaginative, innocent, faithful children.
Wisdom requires that we look forward and exercise good stewardship when it comes to shaping the lives we have been entrusted with.  Thanksgiving urges us to not forget to pause and ponder the wonder of today.
"This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


Mindy said...

This totally speaks to a post I've been "writing in my head" for a long time now. I haven't actually done the post because it's still very scattered in my head right now {and with moving my life is pretty scattered right now,too} but God has been reminding me over and over and over to be intentional. Especially with my kids....and I've not done as good a job as I should at doing it in the chaos.
Your post is a good reminder!

Caitlin said...

Beautiful. Wishing you many precious moments as you create memories now that your adult children will reflect upon as you sit together in later years.

Beth said...

Thank you so much for writing this post. I really needed to read it today! I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and usually once a week you write something that hits home with me. I so appreciate you sharing your gift of words with the rest of us!