Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today started with a midnight asthma attack for R, apparently brought on by feather pillows in our hotel room. (Who knew!) He was weaned off his asthma meds back in May, so we are out of town and unprepared.

As a fitting nod to the celebration of Father's Day, my husband did what he so frequently does for us--solved the problem. In this case it involved google, travel through an unfamiliar city to a pharmacy 4 miles away and a middle of the night wrestling match with our insurance company for good measure.

While the kids and I stayed snug in our hotel room he was slaying dragons in the middle of the night without complaint--a metaphorical reminder of the way he loves, leads and serves our family.

He has meetings all day, so he will spend most of his "special" day working. The trio and I will spend it grateful--for the man he is and the way he loves us. The way he fathers is a gift!

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