Sunday, February 19, 2012

Living with Seven Year Olds

I have enjoyed each age, but honestly, the older my children get the more fun we are having. We spent about an hour Saturday morning watching old videos of their antics between the age of 3-5. I miss the chubby legs and the toddler pronunciations...but there is so much to be entertained by these days.A lot of quality time at home with my people this weekend gave me plenty of blogging material.

Making up jokes is a non-stop activity around here, and sometimes they are pretty good. When the attempts at humor are less than stellar, my kiddos' standard response to each other is hilarious: "That was a stretch..." Such a funny thing to hear coming from a 1st grader.This morning on the way to church my inquisitive little ones were asking me about things that I haven't really studied about angels. When I had the chance to look it up one of my explanations included reference to "the end of the world."

Incredulous, one of them said, "What? The world is not gonna END!"

Of course this led to a gentle explanation of the fact that eventually God would decide the game was over here on Earth. I was so nervous about how to keep this age-appropriate, afraid I was going to somehow traumatize them with frightening information. Then R provided the perfect comic relief.
"Oh wait, I remember this part! If you drive a Chevy you will be just fine."

(It was a Super Bowl commercial.)
Good thing I love Jesus AND I drive a Suburban. :-)
My P is a sweet dreamer. He spends a great deal of time in his head as opposed to in the present. As a result I spend too much time reminding him simple things like going to the bathroom and eating his meals.

Today over lunch after 20+ minutes of badgering him, to please eat something and a great deal of redirecting him to pay attention to his food not his siblings, I asked what he planned to do when he was a grown up and I was not around to remind him to eat.

Without missing beat he replied, "Well, I think you should record a ring tone for me with your voice reminding me."

Oh my, these little people keep me on my toes!


Eleanor said...

I just cannot thank you enough for this blog! I am the mother of 3 grown men and it so warms my heart to read and be reminded of the joyful and not so joyful days of old. :-)

Also you inspire me and help me to be a better wife, mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. You remind me to keep Christ first in my life and all else will fall In place. . Thank you! I love this blog.

C R said...

Your blog often makes me jealous I don't have one more 7-yr. old in the house. P will be fine. I am the same way and always have been. (Even though I WISH I could be distracted from eating...). My twins asked their dad to let them hang their heads out the truck window yesterday. My daughter said, "I see why dogs like this so much!" Her brother said, "Yeah, let's hang our tongues out." And this post has me wishing I hadn't just traded my suburban. ; )

sherene said...

The kids are getting bigger, time lies by sooo quick!
And did i mention they looks so adorable?:))

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