Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lessons from Guatemala

I wrote several weeks ago about a trip we have planned to Guatemala for Spring Break. We will be visiting our friends who are missionaries there with Food for the Hungry and working on a special clean water project called Eli's Wish.

Last time I wrote, I was marveling at how my children's hearts were so engaged in caring for people they have never met. Since that post the compassion has spread to my children's whole elementary school. The school really emphasizes "service above self" and decided to embrace K & R's idea of classes each sponsoring a family for a filter.

I was able to attend an assembly two weeks ago where the principal asked each class to try to raise $45--the cost of a water filter for one family. He emphasized that they should not just go home and ask their parents for money. The students were urged to think of what they could do to earn the money. (I love that this makes it the kids' service...not their parents.)

The results have been heart warming! K, P & R have spent the last two weekends looking for projects to do. I have heard reports of playground chatter about lemonade stands and bake sales. And last night at a party I had two different Moms seek me out to tell me about their children's fervent bedtime prayers for "the god-a-malans," renewed enthusiasm for chores and class-wide plans for car washes benefiting a people they have never met.

The drive concludes on Valentine's Day, so I will be able to report their progress then...but regardless of the dollar amount, the lessons they are learning about sacrifice, service for others and loving neighbors they may never meet are precious!

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chick-n-man said...

Would love to hear about your trip when you get back. Ryan and I have been talking about going to Guatemala for a while now. Our church works with a couple of different groups down there. When is your spring break?