Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Mom Tour

We set out this morning with an ambitious goal: Travel to see each of our mothers/grandmothers/great grandmothers on one Saturday in celebration of Mother's Day.

Our day began with the 70 mile trek to Atlanta to visit Nana (my husband's paternal grandmother) and Grandmother Scott (my children's paternal grandmother). Nana is 92 1/2 and not able to get out anymore, so we decided to take the Mother's Day celebration to her. My sweet mother-in-law made Nana's favorite grit casserole and we surprised her with brunch. She was thrilled with the unexpected company.Around noon, we loaded up the Yukon and traveled another 80 miles to meet my Mom at Callaway Gardens for a Mother's Day visit. It was a gorgeous Spring afternoon for exploring!
Around 4:30 we reloaded the SUV and set off for the 150 mile journey home so that tomorrow I will get my Mother's Day wish: to be home with the people I love most. The jury is still out on whether my other Mother's Day wishes will come true: a clean car, an empty sink and laundry to be all caught up. But I am looking forward to a day full of love nonetheless!

We failed to accomplish our full mission because we missed seeing my Grandmama Dobbs. She was a bit busy. Her sweet, Baptist 86 1/2 year old self had one request for Mother's Day: That somebody take her to the casinos because "She was feeling lucky." So, my Aunt Leslie obliged and they are in Biloxi, MS as I type. Perhaps it was on her bucket list... :-)

You just can't make this stuff up.


lillies & lattes said...

happy mother's day! you inspire me daily to live a life that will honor God... and i hope that when i am a mother, i have your poise!

Malu said...

Have a nice day !! Enjoy each second and praise God because I know He inspires you . God bless you and your family.

C R said...

Haha, I wish my Grandma's were as free as Grandma Dobbs and would go to a casino! Love it!