Friday, May 27, 2011

Bricks Won't Work

Yesterday was my children's last day of Kindergarten, the triplets' actual 7 year old birthday AND their birthday party (at school). I didn't post last night because, frankly, we were exhausted!
Now that we are firmly on the road to being 'graders' (R's term) and smack dab in the throes of the glory years of childhood, all I keep thinking is how much I love, love, love this age and stage. Life is just sweet right now.Tonight as I was lovin' all over my people at bedtime, begging them not to get any bigger, K said, "Mama, just don't put a brick on my head, ok?" (a phrase she heard her Grandmother say.)
I laughed and promised her I wouldn't.
"You know that would never work anyway, right?"

It was a stinging reminder to my heart. No effort on my part to slow down the movement of the hands of time would work. My attempts at stunting their growth are futile. This is the way life goes.

I am comforted by my faith that God has plans for these lives (and for mine and my husband's) beyond this particular season, but it doesn't stop me from really reveling in this one! Life isn't always sweet on this Earth, so I refuse to ignore these precious seasons of happiness. I will not get so busy, so caught up in what is coming next, that I forget to thank God for what is!

Pause. Freeze frame. Savor and appreciate.

I will not put bricks on anyone's heads (K just breathed a sigh of relief!) but I will sing a song of thankfulness in my heart along the road.


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to your trio!!

Jillian, Inc said...

Happy birthday to K,P and R and happy summer!