Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Love is a Verb

This morning in the dark of 6:15am a little curly headed girl climbed in bed next to me.
"Mama?" she whispered.
"Hmmm?" I groggily replied.
"Remember last night before bed you said you would scratch my back some more in the morning?"
"Mmm Hmm," I replied, remembering vaguely that I had told her that when I was tucking her in, so she'd let me stop scratching and go to sleep.
Suddenly her back was inches from my hands. Even though I was tired and trying to wake up enough to get my bearings, I scratched dutifully. No words, just scratching in the silence. Suddenly her tender voice cut through the darkness.
"Mama, when you scratch my back it feels like you're saying 'I love you, I love you, I love you' over and over again."

It is probably my favorite kid quote so far. What a reminder to take the time to be tender.

The little things matter more than we realize.


Amanda said...

If this was on Facebook, I would definitely "like"!! So sweet!

R said...

i love this! back-scratches are seriously my love language, so i totally get this! :0)

Alisha Harris said...

My 18 month old said I love you yesterday for the first time.. I thought I was going to bust with joy.. its the best thing I've ever heard!

C R said...

okay, so now I feel completely terrible about all the times I shoo my son away when he is requesting/demanding back scratching. (In my defense, it is VERY frequent.)

chachagirl1973 said...

I have such fond memories of MY mom scratching my back! Thanks for reminding me! :)

Amy said...

thank you for making this pregnant woman do the "ugly cry" over this post! :)
so sweet.....and a great reminder that love IS a verb. so many things that i can do throughout my day for others that will say "i love you" without using any words.
what a precious girl you have!

Hallie said...

What a precious moment...and a great reminder!

sl said...


Shannon said...!
I love that K!
-Shannon in Austin