Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fill Er Up

Yesterday as I was driving down the road, I looked down at my dashboard and gasped at this sight. I didn't realize I was below a quarter tank...much less running on empty. It snuck up on me as I was distracted by other things.

I couldn't help but chuckle at what an appropriate metaphor it was for my life right now. This is the busiest week I recall having in years. Over 1,000 people are attending this fundraiser this weekend that I've been working on--many details have needed to be addressed. I am packing for a grand adventure to a third world country with my brood. We have had parent teacher conferences, a Young Life committee meeting, a Bible Study to lead last night and plain old daily life.

I have relied on far more caffeine than prayer and less sleep than I should. The result is a snappy, on edge Mama and a less than attentive wife. I keep reminding myself that it is a season and my people are about to have me for 8 whole days--with no phone, Internet or other electronic distractions...(that's right 8 days unplugged).

I am a bit frightened by the prospect. I am going to have to rely on a good old fashioned pen and journal to capture all that I am anticipating God to have for us in the DR.

I am also looking forward to the gauge of my heart moving back up to a healthier place--more full than empty. I love that it is from disconnecting that I hope to reconnect--with my God and my husband and children. Undoubtedly, from the pouring out of ourselves in service God will fill us up with His heart for others.

My bags are packed. My list is getting shorter. I am ready for what God has for us.


twiceasnice said...

Our family has been praying for your mission. I hope all that He has in store for you will fill your tank 7 times 7!
Enjoy your days without screens!

my little family in texas!

C R said...

Ha. I thought you were going to complain about the price of gas. I drive a Suburban, and you would've been hearing, "Amen, sister!" from me. I hope your trip is amazing. We are driving my Yukon to Arizona for desert camping and exploration over Spring break. I am excited to hear what is in store for your family.

JMom said...

CR....$98 to fill up my Yukon. Crazy!!!