Sunday, August 29, 2010


One of the things I love most about K is that even though she and I are the only two females in this house, God has wired us so very differently. I marvel at how 'fearfully and wonderfully made' she is because although we share similarities in appearance and spunk, many of the defining aspects of our personality are quite different.

For example, I am a purger and she saves everything. While I have few possessions which hold sentimental value, she has many. There are a couple of different places around the house where she stashes 'special things.' It took me a while to figure out that to her, they are NOT junk--some of the most random things (restaurant receipts, 3 year old Valentine cards and tattered crafts from preschool) really mean something to her. This is not a learned behavior. She is just wired that way. God has had to do some work on me to help me see that my way isn't necessarily better or worse than hers...just different.

Another difference is that while I have great appreciation for artistic talent, she actually possesses it. K simply loves to create things.

A commonality we share is that neither of us are prissy. We both enjoy painted nails and jewelry. We don't mind dressing up one bit...but dirt, bugs and the outdoors are not something we shy away from either. K takes this a step farther than I did at her age, however. She is really quite athletic. I didn't venture into sports until junior high cheerleading. K seeks it out. She always wants me to teach her exercises I learn at the gym. Last Thursday K came home from school and shed her uniform in favor of running-type shorts, tennis shoes and a tank top. She went into the garage and returned with a leash.
"Mom, can I take the dog for a run? I need some afternoon exercise."

Neither her Daddy nor I are runners. Where did she get this? It is simply how she was made. For those that say it come from having brothers, let me show you what 'the brothers' did while I chaperoned K's jog with Haley dog...

I pulled them in a wagon while they snacked on Pringles and Powerade.

K even asked to quit taking dance this year because it wasn't physical enough at this age.
"We just do the same thing every week, Mama," she lamented.
She has chosen, instead, to continue with gymnastics and is now joining a soccer team.

Today we went to buy her first pair of cleats. When we got home, she rushed to exchange her sandals for socks and cleats. When she came outside and I saw this I grinned widely. Frilly socks + cleats...
This really sums up my girl!


nen said...

A runner by choice? at 6? I am loving this girl!

Colored With Memories said...

such a wonderful combination of gifts and talents that she has been blessed with!

love the cleats! i found some black/pink ones for lily last season, but i love the white and pink. i could be way wrong here, but r u sure those aren't softball cleats? we are pretty new to the whole soccer scene, so i am not real sure, but i thought one ones with the flaps were for softball. ?

of course with all her spunk she could probably join a softball team too!


JMom said...

Kerry- Hilarious! They may be. I'll check the box. I am clueless, so I trusted the sales girl--who in retrospect was only 17... :-) Thanks for the tip.

Bailey's Leaf said...

My daughter is 6 1/2 and wore her soccer cleats nearly everywhere for the two days before soccer was to start. Through stores, to pick my husband up at work (we had car issues) and out playing in the yard. Hey, at least she broke them in! :)

Sherri said...

My daughter and I are also the only two females. We are so different in some ways but very much alike in others. It has been amazing to watch how our relationship had changed as she gets older. I am so glad that I have my daughter.
Your children are growing so! They are beautiful!