Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Problem of Sin

Our culture baits us to edge of disaster (with sin), then mocks us when we fall over."
Andy Stanley, from his recent Guardrails series

"The more you indulge your self, the more your self will demand." (See Prov.27:20)
-Rick Warren

It is late and I do not have time to write much tonight...but I have been holding on to these two quotes about sin for a while.

I never intended to be a anti-racy magazine cover crusading, anti-pop culture radical. I don't even necessarily think of myself in those terms until I read back over things I have written or try to see myself through the eyes of others.

The truth is, I am just a follower of God who knows what a tricky, slippery slope tolerance becomes on the way to sin.

At some point we have to get back to the basics and realize that most people don't set out to allow sin to creep into their lives and wreak havoc---it happens one decision at a time.

Lord, give us wisdom. Open our eyes to the potential harm being caused by the gradual wearing down of our sensitivities to wrong. Help us to love your people in this world--but not become too enamored with the world itself.


Sarah M said...

I too must have been struggling with this as I was slapped in the face with it yesterday. I have been home recovering from mono (contracted from sharing utensils with my infected sister). Mono in your 30s is for the birds. Anyhow, a well meaning colleague sent a magazine to keep me busy during my recovery. While I appreciated the thought, the magazine (a major and popular mag) was so offensive I did not even open to the first page. I threw it away. I never set out to be this person, but I am so grateful that God has molded me and worked on me to get here.

LS said...

funny you wrote this. . .yesterday justin davis wrote a post about how 'big' sin starts in small little justifiable steps, just like making the decision to look at the magazine. . .the movie. . .celebrity gossip, etc. . .you can check it out here:

oneida44 said...

I fear we will never in our life time go back to the somewhat "innocent" days of not having smut in our faces wherever we go. I am so offended by the mags at the stores, the posters all over, the big posters in stores and their windows, etc. Television is terrible and the commercials are also. Society looks up to someone like Kate Gosselin who struts around in next to nothing outfits and uses her children to earn their our income. Thank you for being so tasteful and sensible in your lifestyle and your upbringing of children. I guess the best we can do is to set an example for our children and others to see without drawing attention to ourselves.