Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Yesterday P was complaining about the fact that he didn't have any money.
"I'd be glad to help you think of some work to earn some money from Mommy" I told him.
In the sweetest, most polite voice imaginable he said, "No thank you, Mommy. I don't care for any work today."
What he lacks in work ethic, he makes up for in manners.


Having readers (especially very literal ones) always adds humor to humdrum tasks. This afternoon as we were walking into the grocery store P said excitedly, "Mom, they have new, low prices here! Let's look THOSE!"


Tonight we were discussing the seasons. K & R children proudly listed Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.
As they wrapped up their list P added, "Don't forget ALLERGY season."

I love their innocence!


psm260 said...

You need to send in P's "allergy season" comment to Readers' Digest. That just might win him some money!!!


Tee said...

Allergy season! Cracked me up.

Pam said...

Love it! I "don't care for any work today" either. Too bad mama's don't get that option most of the time. ; )

Hallie said...

Hilarious! My best friend keeps journal of her kiddos' sayings and I plan to do the same. They DO say the darndest things :)