Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have to confess, I have felt a bit down in the last couple of days. People I care about are experiencing very difficult circumstances.

This time it is not cancer. In a way, in might be easier if it were. At least then it would be a disease with a name that we could see a doctor and seek to treat. Instead, these are complex, painful issues of deep hurt and ugliness--relational problems with generational impact.

The disease in this case is sin and the situations are sad--even overwhelming, honestly. There are no easy answers. There are broken hearts.

I look to the news and there is much sadness there too--violence, abuse, senseless death and tragedy. I used to pray that the things that broke God's heart would break mine too. The trouble with that prayer is that there is MUCH in this world that leaves you feeling heartbroken.

I know this world is not our home. I know God is the only source of true peace, joy and hope. Sometimes I just long for a bit more evidence of it in this world.

I haven't written about our geothermal HVAC project lately--but it decimated our yard and because of the August heat we cannot replant and rebuild the landscaping for a few more weeks. As a result, our once lush, green backyard is currently dry, cracked mud--not much to look at. Yet, yesterday something caught my eye. A flash of new, green growth amidst the parched land.
In a split second God spoke to my heart about hope.

It defies my human logic how that little guy grew out of such a mucky, neglected mess--and yet it did. There is life under that surface. Growth is happening behind the scenes, despite what the exterior would lead you to believe.

And so it is with this life.

Thank you, God, for a word picture I cannot deny--that spoke to me clearly right where I am.
It is not mine to figure out why You allow certain the hearts of men (and women) can be so hurtful, lost, sinful and rebellious. You make beauty from ashes and green life from parched land.


Jillian, Inc said...

I cannot tell you how much this post meant to me. I have been through a very painful divorce this summer and I feel parched and barren :o( Seems like all of the worst things in my life have happened "in the summer" and all of the great things "in the fall". So, needless to say I'm looking forward to so cooler temps, fall fun and getting more lush again.

HW said...

I've hit a wall of sadness this week too. I just posted on my blog about how a baby bird did me in emotionally this afternoon - a baby bird. Sometimes the little things bring our emotions out like we'd never expect. Praying for you as you endure these difficult times.
And Jillian, I pray for you as well. Fall is a glorious season and I hope it brings you peace and warmth on your journey also.

Amy said...

Your post spoke to me as well - beautifully written. I too asked God a while back that he would "break my heart for what breaks Yours" (as the praise song goes at my church...), and yet, I did not realize how close to home my heart would be broken.
Thinking of you. Thinking of the above two commenters and the various hard and sad things they are encountering. And also thinking of that little green plant pushing out of your dry cracked soil. Hope indeed.

Stacy said...

Beautiful post. Yes, so often it is in the little, simple things that God speaks the most powerfully. Praising God that He met you right where you were. Praising God for life. Even though that soil is dry, it must be good, to bring forth life and fruit. As your soil is good, may God take the barrenness you feel now and bring forth fruit in His season. Keep holding onto His hope and love.

Thanks for sharing your heart with each of us.

Sunni said...

I am in the same place this morning. I couldn't even begin to list the things going on in the life of my church family and close friends. It's been 3 weeks of one thing after another. One of our Pastor's spoke on hope last Wednesday night.

Hallie said...

God is so good to remind us of hope. He so often does it unexpectedly. Bravo for being in-tune enough to see it !

Amanda said...

Thank you. I am going to print that picture as my inspiration to get through the next few weeks/months/years.
Love you!

Casey said...

I've been following- reading- not really participating. but this speaks right to my heart today.

thank you.

Daree said...

;.) thank you.