Monday, June 14, 2010

The Message

I was recently listening to some teaching when my mind wandered. (I am sure that never happens to anyone else.) I somehow found myself reading the Introduction of my Bible. I LOVED so much of it. I want to record some of the parts that resonated with me most:

"Some are surprised that Bible reading does not introduce us to a 'nicer' world. Nothing is glossed over. God works patiently and deeply, but often in hidden ways, in the mess of our humanity and history. Ours is not a neat and tidy world where we are assured we can get everything under our control. This takes some getting used to--there is mystery everywhere. The Bible does not give us a predictable cause-effect world in which we can plan our careers and secure our futures. It is not a dream world where everything works out according to our adolescent expectations---there is pain and poverty and abuse at which we cry out in indignation, "You can't let this happen!" For most of us it takes years and years and years to exchange our dream world for this real world of grace and mercy, sacrifice and love, freedom and joy--the God-saved world."

-Introduction the The Message by Eugene Peterson


Jenilee said...

as beth moore says, "Living the abundant, spirit-filled life!" :) love what you shared!

Peter and Nancy said...

Excellent! These words are why I'm baffled at how some Christians can see God, sin, and other people in such clear-cut terms. God is mysterious, this world and its people are complex, and none of us will be complete or "fixed" until we meet Christ in person.